Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rockin' out!

Mary Louise and David have been super fans of rocking chairs for sometime now. So, when we spotted an old Cajun man selling children's cypress rockers on the side of the road, Brent and I grinned at each other, said, "why not", and stopped to take a look. They seemed solid and really beautifully made so we loaded 2 up with the babies sleeping away in their car seats and went on with the rest of our 3+ hour ride home from Mommom's.

We set the little rockers up on the patio, lifted Mary Louise and David down from the car, and waited. They spotted the Easter egg colored fun immediately - and went to a-rockin'...

We've missed the past 2 days of rocking with the weather being so nasty - but plan to be right back out there this afternoon for some really good fun! And little do those wee ones know, but Pops and MaMere have quite the surprise on its way at the end of the week! (More on that later...)