Monday, March 7, 2011

Needed: a 42 hour day

Because seriously, that's what it would take for me to get things done around here. Life seems to be moving at warp speed and I feel as if I'm standing here trying to catch my breath...

Brent is beginning a new job next week!!! After 7 years with his current company, he has been offered a completely different position with a completely different company. We are excited, nervous, scared - but keeping our smiles! All of his hard work and networking certainly seems to be paying off and we are very hopeful that this will be the best way for us to move forward.

Mary Louise and David are wild. Yep, wild. I don't know what else to say about them. They climb, they fuss, they pull each other's hair. They are absolute fashion divas - seriously - they are now choosing their own clothing in the mornings and Mary Louise in particular will pitch such a fit that it's not even worth it to me to argue with her. (nevermind that arguing with a 22 month old is, in itself, ridiculous right?) She actually went to church last Sunday in a size 2T dress...yes, it was too big for her - but it sort of stayed on - and it's what she wanted - so we went with it. The shoes she originally chose rubbed between her toes as they had a thong in the front. So I got her some nice buckle sandals instead - and hid the others. Why? because that child insisted on wearing those shoes that hurt her feet - sideways so as to avoid having the thong between her toes - for a full day until I put them in a closet while she was sleeping. 3 days of fits later and we have successfully switched her shoes. Phew!

Today was "Uh-oh" day for her. She would drop something, say, "uh oh!" and pick it up again. Usually she uses the term appropriately...but (you knew there was a but) - today, she reached up to a shelf she hasn't cleared before (think above her head, hand on shelf, clean sweep back and forth - previously, it's been the bottom 2 shelves - so I just keep them clear, but those darn kiddos seem to have grown again! (ha)) she pulled a loaf of bread off of the shelf and threw it on the floor..."uh oh!" "Now Mary Louise," I said gently as I signed and put the bread back, "that is not an uh-oh and you guys will have to start learning that this isn't a play area." I turned my back - I know, moronic - "Uh oh, Uh oh UH oh!!!!" I turned back to see what she was doing...bread on the floor, tortillas on the floor, and she was pummeling and wadding a roll on the shelf into a little ball...

This afternoon, David attempted to climb that same shelf as if it was a ladder. Unfortunately, said shelf is built in (so no, Mom, I can't move it, turn it around, or otherwise).

In the bath tub this morning, I poured their bubble bath in, turned the little heater on and got the room nice and toasty. Mary Louise and David turned the cold water on and took turns dumping cups of it over their heads while shrieking with utter glee and surprise.

At any rate, I'm quite sure we've crossed the threshold into toddlerhood - officially.

We spent the weekend in Houma and had a really nice time. Brent and I were supposed to do our first race together, but it was cancelled due to terrible weather. So...we had a WONDERFUL date!!! We saw our first movie in almost 3 years! Ha! Then we went to dinner - which was fabulous!

So many changes - I can hardly wrap my mind around it all!



  1. Congratulations on David's upper body strength! Clear the shelf, pad the floor, and spot the gymnast.

    Mary Louise and David show fantastic humors. They teach everyone else about the thrill of every moment! Such lovies. xxxooo

  2. Congrats to Brent on the new job!

    I was wondering if y'all did the Warrior Dash this weekend. It looks like it did happen, but not quite as planned, what with tornado and storm warnings! Oh, well, maybe next year!