Monday, February 28, 2011

going the distance...

I wrote a letter to the President (yes, of the United States), months ago concerning David's health care (or lack there of). It was a last resort - I really didn't have anywhere else to turn. Anyhow, today, I received this letter on White House letterhead via email...

February 28, 2011

Dear Heather:

Thank you for writing. I have been moved and inspired by the stories of Americans struggling with health care, and I appreciate your perspective. It is because of the many men and women facing frustration, hardship, and financial burden in addition to significant health problems that we worked so hard to get health reform done.

After a century of striving, after a year of debate, and after a historic vote, health care reform is no longer an unmet promise to the American people. It is the law of the land. While some reforms will be put in place later, a host of desperately needed reforms have already gone into effect. To learn more about what health reform means for you, visit or

As we work together to improve the lives of all our citizens, please know the trials and triumphs of Americans like you motivate my Administration to work even harder to overcome the challenges before us. I am confident we will emerge from these tough times stronger than before with a renewed promise of a better future for all.

For more information on resources that may be available to you, please visit or or call 1-(800)-FED-INFO. Those seeking assistance with health care can also call the Department of Health and Human Services at 1-(877)-696-6775.

Again, thank you for contacting me. I wish you all the best.


Barack Obama

I realize that it doesn't actually say anything at all really - nor does it have an official signature. However, someone did read my message to them - as the response does refer to health care, etc. and it is addressed to me (or some other Heather). So, I'm going to conclude that someone did in fact have to press "send" and possibly make a few more clicks to get this note to my inbox - and that makes me happy.


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