Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ring around the... Food game

I knew I spoke too soon when I proudly mentioned removing soy and cow's milk out of Mary Louise and David's diets. No sooner did I press "publish post" did they go on yet another food strike which ended last night around dinner...they took in hummus, veggies, fruits, seaweed salad (a new favorite believe it or not) and 4 serving of purees only to have David drink some water, choke and puke his portion right back up all over me and Mary Louise. Of course he didn't want to eat any more solids after that so he made up the difference last night with my entire supply of breast milk plus some soy...I'll catch up again someday - at least I know there is something that works to make their tummies feel better!

They have gone back to their original schedule and, alas, I must start again with the weaning. The positive to all of this is the fact that their bellies seem to be a-ok so far. After a weekend with Pops and MaMere, and the travel involved, they have remained ok as far as their "ins and outs" go.

This evening (Tuesday - sorry, I'm so behind with all of this!) they ate well and went right to bed. They have been bucking nap time wholeheartedly - though they seem exhausted...we are making it through as best we can and I'm am very very thankful that the frost seems to have thawed and we've had a beautiful day or 2 around here.


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