Monday, February 21, 2011


Brent and I were begging for mercy from Mary Louise after 2 nights in a row in which she woke at 1am and stayed up - without blinking I swear - until 4am. We were both exhausted. Last night went a bit better - of course I just went in their room at about midnight and opted to stay...

The culprit? I'm sure by now, you can guess their teething again. Mary Louise's 4 I-teeth are just starting to surface while David's don't appear to be too far behind. These are the last few baby teeth that have yet to come into the front of their mouths.

All of this after only about a 6 week break from the last teething marathon! Honestly, with the rate at which their teeth cut, I don't see a proper break any time soon. So it seems, for now, teething behaviors will become our norm - upset tummies, super clingy and whiny, fussing and fighting and biting, crying hysterically followed by laughing hysterically and sheer exhaustion from restless sleep - and Mary Louise and David should be a barrel of laughs as well (just kidding).

Brent made some eggplant Parmesan for lunch yesterday - the babies tired and LOVED it!! They are branching out quite a bit with their eating and we are just so thrilled to introduce new and exciting flavors! So far so good as far as tolerance goes. They haven't shown sensitivities to anything yet!

We went to Sam Houston State park yesterday afternoon and had a really good time. We hadn't really been there since our move at the end of the summer - but with a day so gorgeous, and babies so very very fussy, we were desperate for a change of scene...and we've been to just about every park in town in the past week! There is a small playground sort of hidden amongst the campsites that no one really uses or knows about, so we went there and had the whole place to ourselves. We walked a short trail - allowing Mary Louise and David to properly break in their new (and very grown-up size 5!!!) kicks. They chose them all by themselves at Target a few days ago- their first pairs of sandals!

When we came home, we played a bit more outside - playing in pots of soil and crocks of water is a favorite - and most dirty - past time here. We all arrived at bath time essentially covered from head to toe in dirt - which of course is the only way to arrive at bath time - right?

A few photos MaMere sent from the half marathon weekend...
Mary Louise and David Feb. 2011


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