Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bath time at Mommom's

I LOVE bath time at Mommom primarily for 2 reasons: 1. there are glass doors on the tub, so I can take a nice bath, see the babies, they can see me - which means all is well on both ends of our world!

2. The tub is a large Jacuzzi tub...meaning...the babies can go swimming!!! they love it!! They have learned to spread out on their bellies and kick kick kick. They laugh, they splash, they play. It's really fun for them - and for me. They are doing very well with their make shift swimming lessons in general and have learned to put their faces in - at least partially - kick, splash with their hands, and they can do assisted floating for very short periods.

I forgot to mention that half way through the bag of Target diapers, they started leaking for I've switched back to Pampers once more - but this time in a size 3. They look huge to me - but seem to work wonders during the day and night. We haven't had a mess yet and it's been over a week. I feel rather silly - but apparently, the diapers I was using were too small?? ha - go figure.

Uncle Sean (who I might add, loves the Fugees) made a little video with some recent photos of the babies. I thought it was also showcases Uncle Kyle's hairdo which he sported for a few hours...until he was literally begged to undo it.

Anyhow, thanks Uncle Bean for the fun video!! Maybe I can learn to do know, in my copious spare time!!


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