Thursday, February 17, 2011

odd hapenings of the day...

David had a doctor's appointment this afternoon. He has an awful lot of scar tissue (as does Mary Louise) in his heels and one little bump became a plantar's wart - likely unrelated to the scar tissue - but when he began walking on his toes again after being flat footed for awhile, we thought it best to have the little guy (wart) removed. Off to the dermatologist we went - today was his 3 week check-up. All went well, I am to file his heel tonight after his bath and we'll see if the nasty has left the building...

We left the office and opted to go to the park. Brent had come straight from work to meet us at the doctor (he almost never misses an appointment)so I took advantage of the fact that we were out, and had 2 sets of hands...

We went to the park closest the doctor - one we've been to once before. It's very nice, clean, and has a fence around the toddler area so we can relax a bit and allow our little ones full run of the place. When we got there, we were one of 2 families...until...we heard a terrible yell, "TANNER!!!!" A dad raced across the rubber tiles that floor the play area. His son was climbing to a high-ish slide and had fallen, backward, through a crawl hole - about an 8 foot drop. His mother, I kid you not, scolded the dad for yelling and told her son he was "just scared by his dad's loud voice". The kid had dropped squarely on his left arm with his wrist under his, was holding his arm in close to his body, and screaming inconsolably - things may or may not have been broken - but I assure you he was more than scared of his dad's voice...

Moving on.

We were alone and enjoying ourselves when a pudgy girl with a dirty face marched onto the playground with her dad behind her. Mary Louise, very curious, walked right up to the little girl and they both stared intently at one another for awhile before I asked Mary Louise if she'd like to wave hello. The little girl's dad said in a soft voice, "she don't talk much...autistic." The little girl began to grunt, Mary Louise smiled, the little girl laughed...they were really sweet together. We went back to playing but Mary Louise and then David were just so curious about this one girl. Her dad was very patient with the babies when they walked up and said it was ok as I backed them away from their space - mostly because they would stand directly in the way of the poor child as she was trying to climb on the equipment. Then...the little girl's mother arrived...

Oh it was straight out of an old western movie I swear. This burly woman with her hair dyed fire red rolled out of her Saturn (ok - western movie - but in the suburbs). She stomped out her cigarette with her bare foot (ok, she had shoes on, but had she been bare foot, it wouldn't have surprised me any more). The scene would have only been better had she hocked a huge tobacco luggie onto the side walk. She huffed over the playground, called the dad over, and proceeded to let him know each and every thing she wasn't happy about - which apparently, was an awful lot. He yelled, "well, if you'd have gotten your fat a** out of the car in the first place!!..." but didn't get to finish his sentence as Big Red ripped into him further. The poor little girl first walked over to a fountain to have a look, then, as her parents got louder, she began to pace between them and make advances toward the car. It really was a pathetic scene...

but it's not over just yet.

As that argument was happening stage left, a new man entered the gates, sans kiddos, and proceeded to yell into his phone that, "no, what I ACTUALLY said was..."


I felt as if we'd walked into some tilted dimension.

We left - and opted to play outside (at home) for a bit, then end our evening with a ride around the block in the wagon.

I was getting the wee ones ready for a bath and stopped short of actually putting them in the water to make their bed - because I do things all scattered like that most of the time. So, they ran around upstairs without any duds on for a little while. Mary Louise was very interested in what I was doing and was ready to help at any given opportunity. David, on the other hand, was quiet...

Then, after a few minutes of quiet, he walked up to me proudly, held out his hand to give me "something". I put out my hand to take the "something". He dropped it into my palm with a grin and scampered off to "play" some was mud...of the human variety.

I don't think I've ever actually thrown up in my mouth a little bit...until today.

Super. I'm going to go ahead and say that today, was a rather odd day.



  1. Vomit. Gross. So nasty. But I still love you...and your blog... even though that was uncalled for this early in the a.m.

  2. WOW.....that was a really odd day!

  3. I can hear the theme from "The Twilight Zone" playing in the background.

  4. Sorry Heather I am sitting here laughing out loud. The joys of toddlers. But at least you know it was your own son's "mud" and not some he had found at the playground.
    The Twilight Zone music does sound like a fitting song for that weird day. And as for that poor little girl, I totally see why she doesn't talk much. :(
    Heather A.