Monday, February 7, 2011

That time again...and some pumping info...

So, true to the race day format, I am apparently required to get sick approximately one week prior. This time?? I am the very lucky 7 or 8 time winner of SHINGLES!!! woot woot!! Yep - on my forehead just above my left eye. No, I did not run into a door frame. The babies did not in fact punch me, claw me, slap me in the face (nor did Brent by the way). No, that's my dear friend, shingles.

I would say that they appear when I'm stressed. But I'm usually pretty stressed - and I've been horribly numbingly stressed and they didn't come. (see birth of babies...)

The first episode almost coincided exactly with the beginning of nursing school. During clinicals alone I had them 5 times. The last time, I just let them run their course because it was in the middle of finals and the medication needed has many many side effects so the doctor won't prescribe it to me unless I come in. Anyhow, letting it run its course is probably the best thing I've done so far. I have them now every other year or so rather than every few months. They are also MUCH less severe. They are uncomfortable and make me feel run down, but compared to the miserable-ness they used to be, this is about as irritating as a mosquito bite.

Anyhow, I'm 3 days in - so a few more to go and I should be back up and running - literally.

Pumping: I can't count how many times people have asked me if I'm still pumping, when I'll stop and how I keep it all going...

As to the how - mentally, it's just a part of our day. With the amazing health of our little ones - and their phenomenal recovery from the one or 2 sniffles they have managed to get, I simply can't justify giving it up just yet. As to how long - as long as they need. They wean themselves every so often. Right now, their breastmilk is still a huge part of their nutrition. However, as they wean, it will continue to be a huge part of their immune system.

The babies are doing well. I have been able to pretty much stop giving them soy or cow's milk which has helped their digestion IMMENSELY!!! We've had such a time with constipation and having to supplement their breast milk has only made things worse. There was a little relief with the switch to soy but the relief was rather short lived...

So right now, they get juice once or twice per day, water whenever they want it, and about 20 ounces of breastmilk divided between 3 servings. They have weaned their nightly intake down a bit which allowed me to cut out the extra milk supplementation.

I am continuing to pump 4 times a day for a total daily time commitment of about 3 hours. My most important and longest times are first thing in the morning - about 45 minutes and last thing at night - about 45 minutes. The other 2 times are whenever I can manage during the day - once before Brent gets home between 12 and 1 and once more after the gym before their bedtime.

Brent is in Orlando this week at the annual golf show. So far so good - he seems to be learning alot and enjoying himself. We miss him terribly and Mary Louise in particular wakes up every morning with a HUGE grin and says, "Dada?" I reply, "Dada is at work lovie." She nods, seems to understand, then goes right back to asking for him...

So we're hanging in there - and I'm trying to get through this darn writers' block that has absolutely plagued my brain for the past few weeks...


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