Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One more down...and just!!!!

Synagis: both the bane of my existence - well my day anyhow - and the crux of my safety net concerning the health of my kiddos. I love and appreciate that we were approved for a second season - a bit of a surprise considering their generally excellent health - but UGH! shot day has become dreaded for sure!

Our nurse is incredibly sweet, patient, LOVES Mary Louise and David, lives right around the corner and, I swear, would come in the middle of the night to do their shots if I asked her to - BUT - Mary Louise in particular panics when she walks in the door now! Their weight dictates the necessity for 2 shots - one in each leg- now and this season has been horrible for them as far as the shots themselves. But we get through as best we can.

Today, the nurse called to come by just as Mary Louise and David were waking from their naps (they actually decided to take one today). So, I said, "why not!" and told her to come by when she asked if "now" would be a good time to give them their monthly dose.

Mary Louise and David are both 29 and one half inches tall, their heads are both 17 and one half inches in circumference and David is 19 pounds 10 ounces and Mary Louise is 20 pounds 10 ounces.

They really tolerated the shots as best they could and with the amazing weather outside, I immediately directed their attention to the dirt, grass, bugs and flowers. After playing in the yard for a bit, they were still pretty fussy, so I opted for a more drastic approach...dun, dun, dunnnnnn: a walk around the block in the wagon (with cucumbers and strawberries for snacks)!!

We had a really good time -as I said, the weather was gorgeous - a few of our neighbors were outside - one who has a baby girl of about 15 months. We played and chatted for almost 2 hours! So it really turned out to be a nice afternoon.

The babies seem to be feeling well this evening - hoping it stays that way and we get through this round better than the last - they are typically pretty sore and sometimes run a very low fever...


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  1. LOOK AT ALL THE HAIR! And your babies and Hollyn are the same height...but her head is WAY bigger. Don't tell her, k? ;)