Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A little left of center...

Well, we've reached all new levels of sleep deprivation in this house. It may be more aptly described as all new levels of activity - thereby causing more severe exhaustion...and you know Mary Louise and David aren't sleeping any MORE than usual - short, Brent and I are, well, tired.

Brent's new job is going well. He's still getting a feel for things and working out a routine. That will take some time - months - but he has been received incredibly well and I've noticed a grin or 2 that might not have been there before. We get to see him most mornings now which is something I haven't had since, well, pretty much since Brent graduated from college! ha!

We are having quite a bit of maintenance done on the house right now too - early morning painters started coming today. We are having an interior room painted as well as the exterior of the house. Some carpentry work is being done too as a few spots of siding and a window sill or 2 need some repairs. It's definitely busy around here - but we're excited to get these projects done and behind us...

It has been difficult - to put it mildly - just to get contractors to show up for the jobs however. So I've been on the phone quite a bit getting quotes and assessors to our house for work. Mary Louise and David have been wildly patient with the whole thing - grinning (or hiding) when workers come by, and for the most part staying out of harms' way while people work.

Mary Louise has developed quite a little pseudo mommy role around here. She gives David tissue to blow his nose. Today, she attempted to clean his ears after his bath - and wipe his mouth after he ate. I've posted photos before of her "chatting" on the phone but the other day she just out did herself when she attempted to imitate what I was doing - talking on the phone with an ink pen in hand. I've got to hand it to that girl - she doesn't miss much! She got things *almost* right - but instead of a phone, she said, "hello" into the baby monitor...and instead of an ink pen, she perched a tampon at the corner of her mouth in the "I'm thinking" position.

(it's ok - go ahead and read that last bit again)

This evening, Brent and I were cleaning the kitchen after supper - in an exhausted stupor. I was collecting my blessed horns (the equipment for pumping), when Brent announced, "ok, I'm gonna go pump and go to bed."

Oh Brent - you have no idea how many times I've wished that could be the case - just for a little while!

Here's hoping for a good night's sleep, and a perky and "with it" tomorrow!!



  1. Oh heather!! You're stories are wonderful!! I have the easy part of reading your hilarious stories of your excitement/exhaustion, while you're the super-women pushing through from adventure to adventure! Thank you for sharing. You have a enormous talent in writing in a way that is engaging and entertaining. One day you need to put it all in a book.
    Love you!

  2. Yes! Encourage the book request everyone! Ha! Humor heals the soul. The babies can cure whatever ails anyone.

  3. Love it! That Mary Louise is something..Ha! Too funny...and, I'm all for a book! Your writing is amazing. Love reading your stories...