Monday, September 10, 2012

A little catch up

Mary Louise (second in the video) doing her butterfly dance with her friend Allie:

Ready to go with her "pack pack"!

Standing on her dot:

She is still talking about her class and begging to go back...
Waiting in the hospital bed to be taken to the surgical suite:

David just after his surgery - becoming a little more aware:

Sweet Bub has been amazing. He's healing well and after 2 days of ice, he suffered minimal swelling. He's got some pretty nice bruising going on - but it came and is going and not spreading. His suture glue is almost gone and the stitches beneath are already dissolving. He still complains of pain at times (mostly with diaper changes and baths, etc) and we offer a dose of OTC children's Motrin as necessary. He is still walking pretty gingerly - as if he's been riding a horse all week (ha). We have aptly named him our little cowboy for now...but his gait is getting better with each passing day - and once he gets to playing, you'd really never know he's had surgery at all!

We've had some grand visits with Mommom and "the Uncles" in Houma during the past couple of months. After not heading there for over a year, it's been really wonderful to revisit "home" and have a change of scene every so often. I stayed there a bit while Brent worked that area and we went just before David's surgery as Uncle Collin received some unexpected hurricane days off from his internal medicine rotation.

With Uncle Kyle:

and Uncle Collin:

My big boy!! (yes, his hair is changing - becoming smoother and, it seems, lighter...his eyes, as Brent describes them, are deep sea blue - my sweet cherub - changing all the time!)

and David with his beloved train:

Standing outside...birdseed in hand...demanding "dose buds come get sumping to eat!"

The pants-less king with his master block stack:

The king and queen dancing (gracious thanks to Lhee for her mad crown making skills!)

Serious tower builders!


and because I haven't posted these pics yet:
Houma 82012

It's a very very difficult feat to get all us together - so when we do, we take pictures. I'm pretty sure these pictures, and those taken at Damon and Claire's wedding (which excluded the big kids and Brent) are the only group shots done in at least 5 years or so...maybe longer. Crazy right?



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