Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Surgical Schedule

I just spoke with the surgical nurse. The phone call and pre operative instructions were given while I attempted to console Everett who took an unexpected little ride as David decided that the time I took to answer the call was the perfect time to jump on the floor mattress where Everett was perched. The nurse stayed her course and didn't flinch a bit while patiently repeating everything at least twice over a baby's cries.

David's surgery will start at an estimated 10:30 tomorrow.

He is currently singing his very own rendition of "ABC's" and gets through "G" then goes all rogue on the classic and yells "sing wif ME!" and laughs at the end. Another little gem: he's started walking flat footed most of the time during the past 2 days...makes me smile.

Also, our big E rolled over yesterday - and about 10 times since. Back to front. He's so proud when he does it and pushes up on his elbows and grins HUGE while we all clap and cheer. Ok - so the first time, the clapping and cheering startled him a tad - but he then quickly decided he quite liked the attention.

I have loads of photos - but no cord with me now so I'll have a massive purging to do once home.

Bright and early tomorrow. We have to be there at least 2 hours early. They have plans for an overnight stay but it really depends on his post-op recovery and how involved the surgery will be. So nervous...


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