Friday, September 28, 2012

End of the week of Fridays photos

We've had a good week...a great week. Mary Louise is rockin' it with potty training and David is finally showing some interest in the area. We made it to the library, did therapies, lunch one day with Daddy and  Mary Louise had a GREAT ballet class. We even went to a highschool homecoming parade! Some of my favorite moments:

Mary Louise's first ballet bun!

We used a few beautiful weather days as an excuse to get back to the park! (The big kids walked the whole way there and back holding on to either side of the stroller - the distance is about a half mile!)

Everett was a little excited about the stroller ride:

Swings and dirty feet - always a win!

Big boy went down ALL of the slides ALL by himself!!

and they both climbed like pros to the top and beyond:

Everett tried out his walker for the first time - and in less than 2 days learned to moved forward, backward, and turn completely around! No problems with throw rugs or navigating corners! He can also take a few steps while holding onto fingers...and is just under 6 months old. I know...way too fast!

He grabs toys and brings them to his mouth:

We had dress up time...everyday:

(the fuzzy slippers totally make this outfit right?)

Hot. Mess.

Everett's new smile:

New socks:

and snuggles!

Yep. A good week.


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