Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"I need a beer fridge!"

We are at the hospital in New Orleans with David. I must make mention of the staff here - they have been fabulous. I mean to the point that even my attention was diverted when I started to panic and get all weepy. After about 2 hours of waiting in various areas and meeting with all teams and personnel involved, asking 101 questions and having them all answered...our sweet David was taken "back" to surgery grinning from ear to ear as his sweet nurse promised him a balloon.

He was given Versed to "take the edge off" and was so loopy within about 10 minutes of the dose that he thought his bed was a mountain to climb...then a diving board...then a ladder. He kept asking for his shoes because "My want to go home now mkay?" and then announced (and insisted) that "my dus need a beer fridge!" I'm not sure where it came from, but I asked him to repeat and clarify and the answer was always the same. That child needs a beer fridge...(maybe he just wants to do a favor for his nervous nelly parents?)

Our friend, who is a respiratory therapist stopped by and offered a diversion as well - talking about family, helping us to guard and tame the wild David as much as possible, and giggle about his antics when all else failed.

The nurse in the short stay area even cleared Brent and I AND Everett to stay the night with David if an overnight stay proves necessary. All of David's doctors were called to follow up with all aspects of his care and we were well briefed on the entire process of the anesthesia and surgery so many times I lost count. If anyone was determined to remain guarded in this situation, I assure you, it's me. And so far so good (says one of the harshest critics).

We are waiting now to hear that our baby is ok and still hoping that a minimally invasive procedure is possible. They won't know until they start (which I assume they have done by now). Everett is sleeping soundly in his carrier on my front...and is by far the most awesome tempered baby ever - what a trooper!! Mary Louise was doing well as of this morning and even let Mere and Pops sleep "in" until a leisurely 6:30 or so. She's eating well and not complaining about her breathing treatments at all...we're considering asking Mere and Pops stay awhile...ha.

I feel like a broken record saying this again - but gracious thanks for the thoughts, prayers and support. Update as soon as we hear something!


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  1. Good luck with the beer fridge...and the surgery, too. :)