Monday, September 24, 2012

Spontaneous Utterances

I remember so clearly when we thought Mary Louise and David might be a little behind in expressive speech. We were constantly asked about "spontaneous utterance of sounds", and "how many words to they have"? We can relax and laugh about things like that now. These kids never stop talking. I asked Mary Louise to be quiet for a minute the other day while driving. She stopped, said, "ok Momma." Then proceeded to whisper from her car set - barely stopping to take a breath. These 2 never cease to amaze (and surprise) me with all they come up with and remember:

Mary Louise: pretending to talk on the phone this morning:
"Hello? yes. I want some new dwesses pwease. Oh? Da stores are on my yist? (looking at a blank tablet in her hand) Oh and Da-bid need ta go to da docca not da hop-i-tal? Ok. Sank you. Bye bye."

She has a fascination with school and her "pack pack" that Mere and Pops gave her. I told he we would go to the library's story time this morning. She was so excited! She compared it immediately to going to school and insisted I pack her "pack pack" with a "sam-ich" and juice box. I promised we would be home for lunch and she eventually allowed that to suffice...but still wanted her juice box (she got a sippie).

Just now, Mary Louise and David walked up to me (I am nursing E) with big grins. They each held out their little fists and said, "my caught a fish Mommy!" then added, "you want to kiss it?"

ML: it's ok Mommy. My fish is not dirty.
D: Mine is dirty!! hahaha! kiss it Mommy!

Dirty or not, both figurative fishies got kisses. It's impossible for me to say no to a boy with a Batman costume, sparkle head band and fuzzy moose slippers on; or a sweet girl wearing a Sleeping beauty costume complete with pink bunny slippers. (many MANY thanks to my cousin Carrie for sending Connor's outgrown costumes to us! and to Mere and Pops for the super rad bunny and moose slippers!)

We made it to story time at a local library. It was, as always, a job to get out of the house, decide who will sit where (ugh! the darn "side seat" argument must be had every. single. time we get in the car!!), strap everyone in and go go go!

But, we did, and we got there on time!

We looked around for a few minutes. I was really excited about the new adventure as were Mary Louise and David (they've seen the library a few times on PBS shows and we talked lots about our pending trip last night and this morning.) David was already antsy and no amount of diverting or showing of DVD's or books would hold his attention. We even tried the computer stations set up around the children's area. He did ok with those...until it was time for story time to begin.

David was clearly not ready to settle into a book. He walked over to another little boy, stood there and announced, "HI!" and asked the boy some questions. Boy made no effort to respond (though bigger in size, I'm pretty sure the new "friend" was younger than David). So David, undeterred with his personal introduction, tried waving instead. I can't say I wasn't proud. It was wonderful to see David's socializing efforts.

The story time lady was a little less amused. She and her assistant were in a tizzy as the author that was supposed to be there had an abscessed tooth and was at the dentist instead? (nothing puts a damper on preschool story time quite like hearing an overly descriptive recall of a stressful morning complete with an abscess...eww.) Apparently, she wanted an orderly and quiet story reading time. The third time she made the kids repeat the rules, we just got up and left. (oh the rules were that the kids had to sit up straight, cross legged style, and quiet.)

We'll go back to the library for sure. (Mary Louise and David had a grand time choosing books and a DVD before leaving and overall, enjoyed the trip.) I'm just not sure we're ready for (serious) story time.

The library was followed by a quick trip to the store then stop at the post office. Obviously, I was pushing the limits by including a THIRD (gasp!) errand - but really needed to send a return off today. We had "the talk" before entering...I should have saved that energy for what was to come...which was the most spectacular LeBlanc kid post office show ever to have been performed in 10 minutes flat.

They rattled the posts on the guard ropes while in line, flipped the trash can lid back and forth so much that another lady in line asked that they please stop as the lid was making a squeaking sound that apparently irritated her. Then, when it was my turn, David found a loose piece of formica on the counter front. Said loose piece made a thunder like sound when he pushed it...enter ecstatic David. The kid loves sound (and music for that matter). I thought it was fine as I just wanted to get my parcel returned asap but the man behind the counter didn't appreciate my focus (to be honest, until he leaned over and yelled at David - I'm not kidding - I didn't really even notice the racket).

David and Mary Louise took off. Running around laughing hysterically. Too bad one of them had snagged my keys at some point only to leave them on a very low surface at random. I addressed the package and sort of threw it at the stunned post woman waiting for me. It was then that I noticed other workers standing there watching as they were curious what all the commotion was up front.

I asked the kids where my keys were and they laughed harder. I found them with a little effort and tried to corral my crew. Mary Louise and David weren't to be caught. I've played that game all too often - I just quietly started walking toward the door (ha - walk of shame - though really, I was happy. They may have been disruptive, but such a trip without a tantrum is a win in my book!) They followed - giggling all the way - all eyes on us. They put their little hands in mine knowing we were to soon cross a parking lot "with HUGE cars that will smush little Mary Louise and David's if they are not holding a grown up hand" and the LeBlanc family (sans Brent) exit-ed the building.


After regressing completely back to diapers, Mary Louise suddenly showed interest in learning all things potty again!! She has had a number of accidents but is still willing to try. She seems to really be on board this time so we're encouraging all we can. As frustrating as accidents are, I can't help but smile at her honesty in telling me - and how she lets me know:

"Mommy? my had a yittle accident. I'm sor-dee. Das ok baby. It's wee-lee ok. My go to da potty now Mommy. You get some new pin-cess panties for me now peese?"


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