Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear Dad...

3 years?! It's really hard to believe. So so much has changed...

I had tests run to see how my body has recovered from having triplets. That's right Dad. I HAD TRIPLETS!!!! I know. Wild. I was such a wreck both physically and mentally after the dust settled, so to speak, that I am just now following up on my own medical needs.

As it turns out, I'm doing just fine. My cholesterol looks amazing, my kidneys have recovered beautifully, my liver is normal as ever, I'm not even anemic anymore!! Even more amazing is that without stretch marks, the only evidence I wear of having triplets is the scar from the section and the daily reminder I get in the form of a very low dose of blood pressure medication.

I know you've likely met our darling Kuylen - and know you must be keeping one another company. I have to giggle about you and Mommon getting snarky with one another...Tootle is still kickin' - I'm sure much to your chagrin and is enjoying the yard and the beautiful weather at our old / new house as much as we are here in downtown.

I miss you Dad. I know in some ways you'll always be with me, but I can't help but continue to wait for a phone call that will never come. One telling me of your recent flight from Singapore or your trip to England which included a short but wonderful visit with family there. I miss calling you at work for no reason at all - and having you answer and get excited about the nothings I have to say. I miss your cooking - but more than that I miss your proud look of pleasant surprise when we gobbled up your entire meal. I miss your pat on the back when I did something great, the smile when I would just show up for a visit. I miss the perplexed look you'd get when I did something you didn't understand (probably the look I got most often)...

We're all still trying to make you proud Dad, and I have to believe you would be. We are all doing our best to do good things with everything you taught and gave to us.

You always said, no matter the circumstance, "it will be alright". It is, Dad, even though we all miss you more than we could ever express, think of you more times in a day than we could count, it's ok, because you told us it would be.

Love you,