Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So it has happened...

*Rachael, I got your email - thanks so much and I'll respond shortly!!*

I'm sick. I feel horrible! Brent had "it" last week - stuffy nose, aches, cough. It lasted a few days and he got better with lots of rest. Then Mary Louise...I was in a panic! She got a clear runny nose, dry cough, fever- mostly very low grade, 2 episodes of nausea. David started a bit on Sunday evening. He has a cough, a little runny nose...his has been milder than the rest of us so far.

I'm so very worried that the congestion will reach their little lungs! UGH! The pediatric stethoscope has been used more in the past few days than I used it in school! They sound good so far and I'm giving them all of the fresh breast milk I can muster which definitely gave a noticeable boost yesterday! (YAY)

So, just barely shy of their 19 MONTH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!, they have gotten their first cold. I could have gone a lifetime without this, but all things considered, I think we've done pretty well - and they are fairing the respiratory blow MUCH better than either or Brent or I so that (to me) says quite a bit about their immune systems!



  1. Sorry they're sick. It's good they were able to go so long before getting their first cold. Both my kids got their first one at 2 months old.

  2. so sorry they are sick. But wow 1st sickness that is great.

  3. Sending love, prayers, and hugs.xxxooo

  4. I'm just amazed that this is their 1st sickness. I mean WOW!! You have given them such a start and a gift. I'm sorry they are sick though. Prayers for quick healing. Also I emailed you too, I didn't realize Rach did. (-: