Thursday, October 7, 2010

GREAT Morning!

The babies look so so amazingly cute this morning! They each have their very first "toddler" jammies on - Mary Louise has a pink nighty with flutter sleeves and tulips and David has trucks all over his pants and shirt set. Ugh! I feel like they are just growing up so fast - even though we've had quite a bit of borrowed time to be with them... I'm glad I've written many things down because my goodness, life's been a blur over the past 18 months!

It's gotten quite a bit cooler here so we fill our afternoons with playtime on the patio. The babies have been "helping" me do some gardening and potting and have absolutely LOVED playing in their tents on the grass. (we have 2 little pop up tents set up outside).

BOTH of the babies took naps today!!! The quiet time lasted about 45 minutes - amazing and unheard of in this house! I got a chance to rest for a few minutes and have a really good pumping session - uninterrupted by pulled out tubing or fighting over a toy.

After they woke, we started getting ready for Mary Louise and David's hearing tests this afternoon. I got to organize all of their clothes and playroom yesterday while Abbey played with them so getting ready took about 30 minutes less than usual and was MUCH less frantic (plus and plus.).

They did SO WELL at their hearing checkups! Each passed their tests with flying colors and the doctor was so surprised that they'd never had an ear infection and didn't have tubes. They did so well that he cleared them for an entire year!! The doctor also double checked for fluid in their middle ears and didn't note any via testing or visual check so that was wonderful as well.

So at the ripe old age of 18 months, both Mary Louise and David are doing so well that they are on a minimum of 1 year rotations with all of their specialists! We are just ecstatic!

Another first for them today as Brent and I took them to one of the parks down the road from our house. It was their first time to really get out of the stroller and play on the park equipment. Though they were a bit tired, it went really well and they both seemed to enjoy the slides, swings and just running around in general. There were of course other children there, but they were very respectful of our space and Mary Louise and David just loved watching the "big kids" play. Park trips will definitely be on our agenda more frequently long as Brent or another set of adult hands is around to help me coral the little monkeys!

I must say, I'm going to bed smiling this evening - and it really feels good. Healthy babies = one happy momma.


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