Thursday, September 30, 2010

lessons learned...

I'm still learning -WAY more than I ever thought possible with these 2!! What a day...

I had an appointment with an internist this morning. I will be the first to admit that I am (ashamedly) NOT the golden patient all doctors hope for...alas, I've not made time for things like follow up visits and check ups for myself since the babies...(ok, ok, I wasn't all that great before the babies, so it didn't take too much arm twisting for me to be a full fledged patient on the lamb).

Anyhow, Brent was supposed to take the day off...*supposed to*. He had a tournament and was tied up at work. So off we went - the 3 amigos. Next time I'll just cancel my stinkin' appointment. I didn't because I made it over a month ago. That's right, over a month for a wellness checkup. So, we went. David of course bucked nap time (again) so he fell asleep in the 3 whole minutes (literally) it took to arrive at the office. (I hate waking sleeping David's!)

I nervously walked in a scoped out a quiet corner and tucked my wee ones safely away while I updated my information at the desk.

Enter Mary Louise's mouth...*screaming* - a sitter who had been with her client nosed on over to take a peek. Luckily, Mary Louise is not a fan of strangers (heck sometimes she's not a fan of family!) so she let out a warning yelp. I quickly maneuvered so that the stroller was facing 2 walls - away from chairs. Unfortunately, the disturbance was done and Mary Louise was in a complete panic to get out of the stroller.

Enter David, aka Mr. Green Eyes. I bounced Mary Louise on my lap while digging for crackers in the diaper bag and David felt HE should be allowed to join the fun OUT of the stroller.

My name was called...

The babies were WILD in the room. They quite literally dismantled just about everything there was to dismantle - paper on the table, magazines, Mary Louise pitched a fit because I kept her from banging on the computer keyboard. The staff had a good sense of humor about it all. I had to smile as Mary Louise squeaked her shoes around the office in search of her next paper victim.

We made it out, I was actually sweating from wrestling them back into the stroller. I needed lab work. We were already out, so I thought I might as well get it all over with, right? NO. Emphatic NO. NO in the loudest sense of NO. In the future, if I should get to a point like this again, I will cut my losses and go home. Today, I felt ambitious...

We pulled into the parking lot. Mary Louise pooped. As I was changing her diaper, I heard a click, didn't think anything of it, collected both babies as best I could and made my way to the front door.

IT WAS LOCKED!!! UGH! They actually locked the doors to the lab for lunch while I changed Mary Louise about 5 feet from the entrance. (hence the click I heard) Seriously. I stood there dangling 2 babies, insurance card in my mouth, Mary Louise grabbing at the keys I was just barely gripping with one finger, and gave the mirrored glass the stink eye until my arms started to go numb. Oh that's right, the stink eye. (and resisted the almost overwhelming urge to poop glue Mary Louise's diaper to the window...)

I put the babies back in their seats (much to their confusion and dismay), and we set off to kill an hour. Why? Because my bloodwork was to be done after a fast (and boy was I starving!). I'd been fasting since wake up time for the babies (around 7am) and it was now 12:30. One.more.hour...

We ran into the store to get diapers. David pitched an ENORMOUS fit there. Back in the car, I drove for a bit, the babies calmed, it was time for labs...

BACK to the lab (now open), we marched in, did the paperwork, and took a seat to wait. Thankfully, we were the only ones there. Mary Louise and David quickly honed in on the Kentwood fountain in the corner and proceeded to leak water on the floor. I smiled, exhausted, and remembered being that fascinated with things like that when I was little. At one point, I would have flooded the place with a smile and splashed in the puddles!

They were reasonably good while the blood was drawn...their attention was held by the fancy colored tubes and strange people really. I collected them and we were off. They fell asleep on the way home, slept for an hour in the driveway while I watched, and woke for family photos!!! (oh, that's right, when I over schedule a day, I really make it count!)

The photos went reasonably well. We got a number of full family shots and some of the babies together - and I'm sure a few separately.

It was beautiful outside, so after the pics, we stripped Mary Louise and David down to their skives and put them outside with the hose for some good old fashioned outside fun. A wonderful end to our ridiculous day. They ate ripe avocados and big chunks of peaches while playing in the water and flower pots. We all had a really good time and finished the fun off with baths in the kitchen sink - they were so so cute!

I'll go back to the doctor to discuss the results of the labs, and the results of a stress test in a few more health news later...


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  1. Great story about a crazy, beautiful day! Glad you did not cancel. xxxooo