Saturday, September 18, 2010

This week's review...

Let's see...

Mary Louise is walking rather than crawling now. She walks pretty large distances (think 20 feet or more) regularly and crawls only to "get the rest of the way" when she looses her balance but has a mission in mind.

She found David's right ear and belly button one day...and proceeded to tug on both for a full 12 hours despite David's best efforts at warding her off.

Each morning now, I wake to Mary Louise smacking me in the mouth with her noggin. As it turns out, she learned the "lean in for kisses" on her forehead very very well - and loves to request them by ramming people repeatedly. It's very endearing really and I can't help but smile...even though I'll likely look like I've had collagen injections until I can teach her the word (and action) "gentle".

The reflux bug has continued and it seems that most nights one or both of the babies need their Zantac now. I hope their symptoms taper off again soon - but honestly, I count my many many blessings each day that this is our most immediate medical issue.

Eating is going pretty well. Mary Louise and David change so quickly and so often that it makes my head spin. One day, they want bite sized morsels and the next they are grabbing for utensils and breaking food up for themselves. Currently, they both like to bite off and chew many things - especially soft fruits (pears, mangoes, peaches) I rarely peel things anymore and they love it when I leave thicker skins on (mangoes)so that they can bite the fruit off for themselves. This week I gave them whole slices of watermelon with the rind still on and they really had fun! I think that the only major foods that they haven't tried are nuts (no peanut butter, etc), citrus and tomatoes. They have had food containing or processed with nuts though so I'm pretty sure they won't be a problem and I was just waiting on the tomato and citrus items as they are higher in acid and with reflux as an issue already, I'd like for their diet to not compound the problem.

David is just beginning to proudly walk rather than crawling. He will take just a few steps but is still and little unstable. He is making progress though so it's just a matter of time before they are both running around here! We're just so very thrilled about it!!

David has also officially started to call ME "Momma". Both he and Mary Louise have known the sound "Ma" for sometime, but they are both now assigning it to me when they want something. They also point to things they would like to see, hold, etc.

We have been working with both David and Mary Louise on scooting on their toys. David is really catching on well and kicks his legs so happily when I put him on his firetruck toy. I love that we were able to find a few things that fit our little guys! (Mary Louise is MUCH happier walking behind the toy and pushing it that way - though we're still encouraging her to coordinate her legs to scoot along while seated on the toys).

I still worry a bit about David's temper, but he is a little more directed with his tantrums. Most of them are a cause and effect situation (he was playing with something, Mary Louise took it, he pitches a fit). We are working hard with both of them on learning to let things go, finding a new direction and adapting to changes in circumstance (a lesson Brent and I can use as well).

October is pregnancy and infant loss month. I know, there's a month or day for everything these days right? I think of sweet Kuylen all. the. time. still. I'm actually amazed at how well I remember him. His perfect soft face. I can trace his little nose, ears, hands, and toes in my mind just as I did when I told him "goodbye". A piece of my soul is forever with his...just gone - and I still feel like I'm reaching for it, for him...

We are to officially sell our old house next week. We are still waiting on the final "clear to close" however so we're just keeping our fingers crossed that everything pans out and we can be over and done with the moving, and get on with the setting up of our new place.

Finally, poor Brent has been having some knee pain off and on for quite sometime but lately, it has gotten worse. He went to the doctor and there is a good possibility that he'll need surgery (a scope - so it's considered "minimally invasive" as if digging around in one's knee can be a minor procedure - ha!). We'll find out more about that next week!

Phew! Busy busy house! (but we're having so much fun!)


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