Friday, September 10, 2010

*sigh* It's that time...again

Really, you all knew this post was coming. I've drafted it in my head several times but avoided actually typing it out...maybe I was hoping it'd keep the general population feeling spry a bit longer...but it really is time...

So, it's RSV season again...

We are buckling down slowly at Fort LeBlanc. Let's be honest, I'm the only one who really has any (social) issues with the whole isolation thing. I love the argument that people spit forth about somehow stunting Mary Louise and David's social skills by keeping them away from crowds and strangers for a few months out of the year. I'm pretty sure they don't mind missing out on a cart ride or 2 at the grocery - or staying home to play rather than sitting still through a Sunday sermon. Alas, I'm the one that wants to go.

Ah well, with a clean health record - but for a few sort of questionable days here and there - and excellent growth and development, Brent and I have opted to err or the side of leaving our system well enough alone ("if it ain't broke, don't fix it" - and that might be the ONLY time you'll ever hear or see the word "ain't" come from my mouth!).

The plan for this year (in general of course)...

To our visitors: we don't mind if you come over, but please please wash your hands really well upon entering (this means rubbing vigorously for about 30 seconds- or the amount of time it takes to sing "Happy Birthday" twice. The temp of the water doesn't matter nor does the type of soap. The success of a proper hand washing depends on technique).

Also, only come if you are feeling well, sans cough, no dripping noses, no wheezing, no colds, no sinus infections, no respiratory illness of any kind. Please use your best judgment on this. If there is a question, don't come. If you have been around someone who is or has been sick during the week prior to a planned visit, please stay home.

We are planning on taking part in outdoor activities. This is the same policy we adapted to last year (walks daily, etc.) This year, we will also participate in a running club on the weekends. Again, it's outside - and adult runners - so we feel the risk is minimal. We will try going to early church as long as we can (i.e. nice weather and not in the thick of rsv/ flu season which means we'll likely taper off in Dec. and especially Jan through March). Anyhow, a couple of changes - we'll see how things go - but essentially, we'll be observing the same guidelines as last year.

Our only concern is protecting Mary Louise and David as best we can. We've had such incredible support and absolutely amazing success thus far, and wish only to keep it so. Getting them through this flu and RSV season healthy will give them another year of growth concerning weight, height and lung tissue - all areas extremely important for their long term well being. The latest research states that children grow the majority of their lung tissue during the first 3 years of life. If that new growth is undamaged, we can ensure that Mary Louise and David have the best chance possible at warding off (specifically) respiratory illnesses throughout their childhood - and into adulthood. It is likely that a cold will never be very mild or simple for them, but the bigger and healthier they are when they do pick up their first bug, the easier time they'll have fighting to overcome it.

Many thanks for your support and understanding.



  1. This is going to be our 3rd RSV season & although we aren't going to be as strict at the first 2, we will also buckle down at Fort N for the winter. I will take them out but will not put them in carts. We won't be going to playgroups, etc. It's just too risky after what we went through w/ Ian.

    We will wallow in solitude together!

  2. I know for preemies you have to do it until they are 2, but for micro-preemies do you have to do it longer?

    I will be sending prayers and good vibes your way! I know it won't be easy, but you are right, it is what is best for your little ones.

    They are so blessed to have you as their mama!

  3. Blair - always so sweet - hope you're doing well!! Micro preemies - specifically ones who have chronic lung disease secondary to prolonged ventilation are at very high risk for devastating respiratory infections during their first 2 RSV / flu seasons. Synagis is highly recommended through that time (we are waiting to hear about approval for Mary Louise and David). However, the idea is really to keep them as well as possible for as long as possible - the older they are when they do start catching everything under the sun, the better. During their first 3 years, they are rapidly growing new lung tissue. So, if they can remain healthy during that time, the tissue grows under the best circumstances possible. If they should have infections, there is a chance that the new tissue will be damaged which would only add to their issues surrounding their immature lungs. (I know this is wordy - but there really isn't a simple answer for all of this - only trial and error).