Thursday, September 23, 2010

(Squeak) Did you say something? (Squeak)

Mary Louise and David are hip and with it once again with their very own squeaky shoes (courtesy of Ma Mere and Pops). They came in yesterday, we put them on (though David's are a bit too big, he stumbled for a minute or 2 in them anyhow). They LOVED them. Mary Louise loved them so much this morning that she ran into the table. She was staring at them as she walked and giggling about the noise they made and wham! (sometimes they forget how tall they are now...a few weeks ago and that table would never have come into play - they are growing so so fast!).

I'm not sure why this one is upside down, but I'll post it anyhow - it's cute, and you get the idea...



  1. I think I'm obsessed with watching your a good way, of course. Oh, and did you see my most recent post????

  2. HI Heather,
    So so excited to Mary Lou and David looking so beautiful and happy and strong. Would love our hubbys to meet one day. Love from us both. Amy xxx (Saunders/now macdonald!) x