Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bless her little heart (again)

Mary Louise had a check up with the pediatric cardiologist today. She was very upset about the whole thing - to say the least. She wouldn't let them do her EKG (she wouldn't even allow the stickers to be put on her little chest!) She panicked about even being put down on the paper...

I tried to sit with her, holding her...she didn't want any part of that either...we did somehow get a weight on her - a whopping 17 pounds 10 ounces!!! She's still gaining beautifully! She was so upset by the stethoscope that the Dr. couldn't listen...we had to hold her down for a clear ultrasound (thankfully, that is the most detailed of the tests and is the only one they could actually get clear results from so we didn't leave empty handed.)

After all was said and done, the doctor felt 1. she handled the stress of it all very well and without obvious symptoms - no blue around her mouth, she wasn't out of breath, etc. and 2. he didn't note any changes at all in her coronary artery fistula meaning it is still there, and still needs monitoring, but does not need intervention. 3. her PFO (the hole in her heart she came home with that she needed oxygen for last year) has officially closed (it was very tiny, but still open at our last visit). So, she has been cleared until April of 2012!! She and David will both be seen then for checkups. If David is still doing well, he will likely be discharged altogether. Mary Louise will likely have checkups every couple of years as long as there are no changes - though I can still hold onto a little hope that the stinkin' fistula will just disappear on its own...

So, luck and blessings have hit our house one. more. time. My lovies are home, safe and sound, and for once, there are no surgeries, procedures, no therapies looming over head. Tomorrow, we play, we stroll, we bike ride, we smile...we just enjoy.


P.S. I am excited (and nervous) about signing up for my very first duathalon! (run 2 miles, bike 10 miles, run 2 miles) My goal is to simply to show up and finish. It's in 2 weeks so please send a bit of strength and stamina my way so my old legs will hold out and carry me through! yay!


  1. Yay! Sweet Poodgins! All of You! xxxooo

  2. Fabulous news all the way around! And how cool? I would be really interested in doing a duathalon!