Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm no superman...

I finally did it. I've asked for help. Well, I've asked a few times, but this time is a little different. I have a friend who has agreed to come and play with Mary Louise and David once or twice per week so that I can get things done around the house, pump, nap, SHOWER! (ha!). Between the "momma momma momma" all day without breaks, and the "wah wah's" at night sometimes as often as once an hour, I'm just exhausted. The laundry is piling, the housework is mounding, and the little projects seem never ending.

Our family has helped and awful lot, been very very patient and accommodating, but it's time for us to find a go to person in town rather than putting them out every time we have an issue. Also, maybe Brent and I can have a date night here and there if things work out?!

Mary Louise actually tried running today!!! Ok, so it was actually chasing (can you guess who it was that she was trying to catch up with?), but she moved those little muscle legs faster than she's ever done before to try to catch me! David is walking more and more now as well. He still prefers crawling, but has begun to chose to walk short distances when he's already standing rather than getting back on the floor and crawling.

The high chairs are working out well - though David can scale his and stand on the tray in about 2 seconds flat so we cannot take our eyes off of them when the chairs are in use. Issues with eating are pretty much the same. David did try a bit of my blueberry bagel with cream cheese this morning and really seemed to enjoy it. Mary Louise said "no thank you" in so many gestures and wouldn't even play with the pieces I put in front of her...my little watermelon queen. The sippy cup introduction has more bad or indifferent days than good right now - but that's ok - all I can do is keep trying. I am careful not to push too hard as I don't want them afraid of the darn things!

I have worked on them a bit with wearing shoes. Although they don't particularly enjoy the experience, they will let me put shoes on them for short periods now which is a vast improvement from the extreme fits, kicking and screaming I was getting just a few weeks ago. (I don't even bother with socks anymore - it's just futile).

Yesterday, I asked Mary Louise to bring me a "ba ba" for David. She smiled, toddled over and handed me hers. It was amazing! She really got it! I was so so proud of her. Today, I asked David to please stop throwing a plastic plate around in the kitchen and he smiled and stopped! They may not say much that everyone (or anyone) can understand, but they sure are taking it all in. (I'll have to remember that - no telling what will come out of their mouths when they do start talking!)

So, anyhow, I'm feeling a little defeated today, but I'll get over it, get my energy back and be the best momma I can be for those 2.


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  1. Heather- I ask for help with ONE, much less two. You remain, unquestionably, the most amazing mom I know. :) love you and pick that chin right back up. -McCall