Wednesday, July 8, 2009

fussy fussy fussy day

I should never have mentioned a decrease in little David's tantrums! We have switched off with holding him all day today and each time we stop patting him or rocking him, he wakes up and screams! Poor little one - we are of course happy to oblige his demands for attention but I am worried that I'm missing something that's wrong - he's never acted this angry before. I'm hoping they increase his feedings again - putting him even with what he was taking in when he got here - and that will make him a bit happier. He did well nippling his feeding this morning and will try twice daily with the nippling now. We found out that he has a short frenulum (the little piece of skin under his tongue connects it too far forward - basically, he can't stick his tongue out far enough). So, he needs a little extra chin support with feedings as he drools alot and has trouble latching onto the bottle.

Mary Louise has also been fussy today - not near David's levels, but fussy all the same. The physical therapist is trying some new athletic tape type stuff (I've seen it on athlete's shoulders recently) to try to help her hips as they turn out far too much. It is a matter of getting the babies to use the muscles they haven't really "found" yet - all of the extensor muscles down their fronts. Rather than getting into the fetal position when stressed, our little ones stretch out and arch their backs so the therapist is trying to develop muscles they haven't had to use before. All of this is due to their untimely birth of course. She is doing very well nippling all her feedings - Pop even fed her today and did such a wonderful job burping her! (an area I have not yet mastered - but Brent and his Dad got right away).

MaMere held David for the first time - and even on his fussy day he calmed down for his grand-ma-ma!

Mary Louise will go to surgery in the early afternoon tomorrow. I feel a bit of panic coming on but am trying trying to keep it together.

love, Heather


  1. Sorry to hear they had a rough day. Don't worry to much, I know easier said....right? We will all be praying for her to do well in surgery and recover quickly. I hope their fussyness subsides soon.

  2. I never mastered the burping thing either, but I'm sure that just like everything else that too will get easier. It sounds like they're doing great stuff with the therapy....I'll be praying for you guys tomorrow. Love you, McCall

  3. Praying hard for Mary Louise today (and Mom and Dad too)! Baby Kuylen will be watching over his big sis - I just know it!