Saturday, July 11, 2009

sleeping beauty

Our little Mary Louise is still deep in slumber and I'm so upset I can hardly hold a conversation with the nurses anymore. They tried telling me today that some babies just have trouble processing anesthesia. I nearly ripped the weekend nurse's head off with my response -"it's not that she's having trouble processing - it has nothing to do with her body - she's been OVER-DOSED!!" I'd like for the anesthesiologist to go to sleep each night with a picture of our little baby girl the way she is now - swollen, fluffy because of the fluids running in place of the breast milk she should be eagerly drinking, with tubes and IV's covering her arms and face. I would like for that picture to be right next to one of her just before surgery - with her paci in her mouth, red hair in a fluff of little curls on the back of her perfect head with her beautiful hands around my finger, gripping happily. I wonder if they would think about it the next time they were in on a surgery with a little baby - I wonder if they would think twice before pushing that extra dose- or at least re-check their damn math.

David is still having blood in his stool but it is less than before and the stools are much less frequent than before. I nippled him this morning and he took the entire bottle - YAY! He is slow and difficult to nipple but he gets it done eventually. He's resting more easily now as well which is nice. We can only hope he continues to improve.



  1. I know you guys are beyond frustrated and have every right to be. Prayers for Mary Louise and David are still being prayed by many and I know God is listening.

    Yay for David you go big boy drink that milk your mommy works so hard for.

  2. I would be just as angry as you are or even more so, i'm amazed at your self control! I hope she wakes up soon to see her mummy beside her.

  3. Ive been reading your blog for a while now but never commented..just wondering if you can ask to transfer them back to the other hospital?
    hope she comes out of it soon
    best of luck,