Wednesday, July 1, 2009

David's eyes and Mary Louise's tummy

Mary Louise has apparently been fussy today and has earned herself another feeding tube. She has not taken all of her feedings and lost weight last night. Brent went this evening to feed her and although it took quite a bit of effort, he got her to take her full dose of milk by mouth. WAY TO GO DAD!! He was going back to bathe her after shift change when I spoke to him a little while ago. She had another eye exam today and will have a follow up on Friday. Her eyes are still a stage II and the ophthalmologist remains hopeful that they will continue to grow without the need of transfer and surgery. He will see her in person in Lake Charles on Monday (unless she is transferred before then).

David got out of surgery at about 6pm. It went well according to the surgeon. He was satisfied that he'd gotten all of the dysfunctional areas of his retina and will check it again for need of touch ups on Tuesday (after time is allowed for healing). In the meantime, he is on the ventilator again and will be weaned as soon as possible.

I have to say that this was one of the most trying days for me. I had to watch as David's eyes were once again dilated which (again) caused his heart rate to drop. He was fed at 11am and then held NPO until surgery. Around 2 he became fussy. Around 3 I had to put him down (I had been holding him since about 12) and he became inconsolable. He is easily one of the smallest babies in the NICU and definitely earned the title of loudest crier today. I'd never seen him like that. It was so awful that at one point, he was wailing and I was flooding my dress with tears as well. My mom was consoling me while I was consoling David (who as I said was just hungry and inconsolable). I couldn't hold him as they were getting ready to take him to surgery and I couldn't feed him. UGH! I'm sure we were quite a site together he and I. We followed anesthesia down to the OR waiting room and I had finally gotten myself together when the anesthesiologist turned to me and said, "this is goodbye time - hugs and kisses." I burst into tears all over again. We must have made everyone concerned - the anesthesiologist came out just after the start of the operation to see if we were ok and Dr. Gordan's nurse graciously allowed us to have a quick peak at David when he was brought back - even though it was shift change (they are very strict about their shift change here).

There were quite a few upsets in between all of the happenings listed above, but that's the gist of it. Back to the NICU to our little David. (shift change is over).

I feel as if we're moving a bit backwards now - and am in a bit of disbelief about David needing ventilation again. We'll get through this as well though.

Love and thank you thank you thank you for the prayers.


  1. I am so glad that David's surgery went well and I hope that they can now concentrate on getting him off the oxygen and start gaining weight. Poor little baby boy but he is so fortunate to have the love and support of his mom and dad. And I wouldn't be surprised if Mary Louise didn't do so well on the feeding since she misses her mommy.
    I am so hoping that things will go upward from here on. Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. - Savvy

  2. Good to hear he made it out of surgery, and the doctor feels it was a success. Sweet Mary Louise already concerned over her brother's troubles...I'm sure she return to her strong, hungry, growing little self when her brother and mommy return to her. I hope his recovery from the surgery and ventilation is quick! Prayers and best wishes always!