Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mary Louise's eyes

Mary Louise will be scheduled for surgery on Thursday. She is stage 3 in both eyes with borderline plus disease. I'm not sure what time the surgery will be but will be sure to let everyone know as soon as we find out. She is doing well otherwise and he rash, blisters and cut on her cheek from the Tegaderm is finally healed - only a shadow of red left now in the worst areas.

The nurses have warmed up to us and all come to check on our little ones frequently. We seem to have finally found our niche with them. This is definitely a different system they have here - we have very little access to the actual doctors here - a HUGE change for us. But, we are making do and as I've said before, the physical therapist here is fabulous with both of our little ones. David is already moving differently and is having fewer fits and temper tantrums as well.

The occupational therapist here is also wonderful. She has been working with David's swallowing and this morning, he successfully nippled his entire 18 ml feeding!! We are so so proud! He is only nippling once a day now and still needs a bit of practice but we all know how determined our little man is and know that he will quickly master his newest task.

David had his first follow-up eye exam today. So far, so good with him. He does not need any touch ups and will be checked again in one week. (YAY - you may all do happy dances now!)

Worried about Mary Louise's pending surgery...so so proud of David's wonderful progress! and of course, thankful for every moment we have together!

Love, Heather


  1. Everyone will be praying especially hard on Thursday. How wonderful to have such awesome physical and occupational therapists. Yay for David's successful eye surgery and progress. Thanks to such a competent doctor and staff.
    So many blessings...xxoo

  2. I probably look like a total spazz doing my "happy dance" for David here in my office! I'm also doing a "good luck and praying hard dance" for Mary Louise! I'm so happy that the staff has been so helpful and is warming up to you guys. I can't imagine how hard it is for you two to trust total strangers with the most precious things in your life! You are all doing so well considering... I know you are so proud of your babies progress - and SO ARE WE!!!

    Love yall!