Friday, July 3, 2009

trying to hang in there

David is doing his best to heal. He actually looked much less swollen last night when we were there. He continues to have temper tantrums and I can't say I blame him - he's hungry and tired and swollen. He tries to open his eyes but it's impossible - they are too swollen and have discharge that sort of glues them shut. I'm told it's all normal. Last night, David and I rocked until 3am. He finally settled down and I went to get a little sleep then. I'm sorry to be unable to post photos of all of this until I get back but they are coming.

He seems to be doing well on the nasal cannula although they are not near as aggressive about weaning here. I finally had a sit down with the sweet nurse last night about their criteria. She was patient with me as I explained my intense need to understand the rationale for all decisions about David.

Mary Louise has her eye exam today. Waiting to hear results. I'm so pulled between the two of them and miss Brent terribly but I know he is doing his best there with her as I am here with him. We will all be together again soon.

Off to the hospital again.


  1. Heather,
    hang in there kiddo. Sure wish (like a whole lot of others) that I could be there to be a distractor, hand holder or supplier of chocolate. Or if I had an magic wand, I would most definitely give to you. Remember to take care of yourself so you stay on top of the "game". We are sending lots of postive thoughts and prayers from Oregon. Take care. Robin

  2. You guys just keep it up. I know all of this is terribly tough and a strain on both you and Brent. We are praying that Daivd will heal quickly and Mary Louise will not need surgery. You both are doing a wonderful job being warriors for your little ones. They definitly need somone to speak for them. As I have said before sometimes a parent just knows what their child need, better than a doctor. Sorry docs. This to will pass soon and soon you will have your little angels home with you. Which I know you both long for. Blessings and Love!