Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mary Louise and Dad

Well Mary Louise and I have had some quality time together. I am guessing after all of this she will definitly be a "Daddy's girl" and David will be a "Moma's boy". I will do everything in my power to make him a tough little moma's boy. Can't have his big sister protecting him all the time.
Mary Louise was really fussy yesterday, and has not been taking all of her bottle feedings, so they have put the feeding tube back in, and are giving it to her that way. I did sit with her for 45 minutes last night to get her to take the full 34cc bottle. I finished feeding her at 6:30pm and when I went back at 7:45pm they were setting up to feed her again. They pulled her risidual and couldn't believe how much she had not digested yet until I told her night nurse that she was feed late and it had only been an hour and a half since I finished feeding her. So we tried anyway and she took 6 cc's and feel asleep on me. I rocked her for awhile and then put her back in her isolete because she was desating due to an overfull belly. She was sleeping when I let at 9pm. I didn't get to bath her, because her night nurse was called in to cover for someone, and was behind, so maybe to night i can bathe her.
Heather is doing a great job being "Crazy Nurse Mom" in New Orleans. She is just used to the great staff at Women's and Children's and having a hard time adjusting to this other staff. She is definitly paying attention to everything they are doing, and That's why I married her. She cares more than anyone I have ever met, and I couldn't imagine having anyone else over there taking care of David.
We are holding it together, and bickering a little bit due to fatigue and stress. It is hard communicating such emotions to one another without out getting aggrevated some times, but we are doing well and calming down and updating each other on the other babies happenings. We will get through this.

Please continue your Prayers!


  1. I think it is so incredibly awesome that you are being so honest in this blog, Brent. So many people would just continue to smile and act like everything is peachy keen. I know that you and Heather will be able to look back at your blogging and be reminded of just how strong you both are to make it through these experiences...especially being separated like this!

  2. Bubba, Just remember that's what big sisters are for---protecting little brothers.