Thursday, July 9, 2009

confusing morning

We were to meet with the Occupational Therapist this morning to work on David's sucking. On our way, we got a call from an anesthesiologist - not the one doing Mary Louise's surgery (no that would make too much sense right?) - but one that "was sent" to discuss "the procedure". Umm- except he didn't know which of our babies he was to discuss (I tried to help him out and finish his sentence with Mary Louise but he argued with me and said - no I'm calling to discuss David). After getting a little frustrated, nervous and very confused, I explained to the guy that we'd be there in a moment and he'd just have to wait to discuss things any further. He seemed happy to oblige.

Now, let me just say that I have a soft spot for medical students as I remember very clearly being in clinicals for nursing school and one of my younger brothers just started med school. Having said that, get your uhem - shit (sorry but that's how I feel) straight prior to calling a parent - ESPECIALLY when trying to put their baby to sleep!

When we entered the NICU, our little David was wrapped up being held by the occupational therapist and our fussy little Mary Louise, who hadn't eaten since 6 this morning was sucking as hard as she could on her pacifier and getting very disappointed that there was nothing good coming out of it. I noticed that David looked very pale and tired but addressed the anesthesiologist first as he was patiently waiting and eager to "discuss" the consent form. I quickly told him that I liked to meet the people who were to work on our babies and as he couldn't answer ANY of my questions concerning Mary Louise's care, that I wanted to have a meeting arranged prior to signing anything. Quickly, a time was set - we would wait until they came to get her. Ok, that done. Now David...

David had blood in his stool this morning. (Looks as if we'll have to take up open celebrations of poop once more). They held his feeding this morning, did a KUB which is a sort of x-ray which came out normal. The neonatologist came to make a rare appearance to speak with us. He had consulted with a radiologist about the KUB and they found an area "of concern" that they think is just a bit of stool. So, we fed David with the occupational therapist's help. He was exhausted but did very very well - he paced himself, stopped to breathe and finished the entire feeding! Way to go little guy! The concern with his intestines is the possibility of intussuception which is a telescoping of the intestine (it sort of slips into itself) although both neonatologist and radiologist do not think this is the case. They think the more likely issue is that an adhesion where his intestines were repaired has sloughed off causing the gassiness (of yesterday) and blood tinged stool (this morning). The hope is that with feedings he can pass the stool and the adhesion will just heal over again.

I quickly informed both the nurse, occupational therapist, residents and neonatologist of David's history where major problems have occured. They are all aware that he tends not to show symptoms until the problem is rather severe and have all been put on alert to watch him closely and act quickly should any further intervention be necessary.

Mary Louise was taken to surgery at about 1:30. I did in fact get to meet the anesthesiologists (there were 2) just prior to Mary Louise's surgery. Will update later when we hear more.

Love, Heather

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  1. So glad you are diligently staying on top of so many things. Everyone is praying especially hard and waiting to hear more news. xxxooo