Saturday, July 18, 2009

putting on a happy face!

David laughed today!! He was sitting on my lap after a feeding and was still wide awake. He loves for us to lift him up and down slowly - we call it David flying - it seems to soothe him. Actually the occupational therapist started doing it when he was inconsolable for those few days and it worked so well. He stops crying and just stares. So today I was doing that with him and kissing him when he came down and all of a sudden he grinned a huge grin and laugh - just a tiny laugh - but a laugh all the same. It was amazing! - all of it - the fact that I can play with him at all - the fact that I can kiss him after breast feeding (woot woot! - even if I do say so myself) - and LAUGHING!!! amazing!! (I seem to be running rather low on adjectives today - ha).

In other news, Brent and I put carseats in the Sequioa this afternoon. I took photos and will have to post them soon. So we have carseats, window shades, a diaper bag with diapers, ointment, wipes, etc. and breastfeeding paraphinalia all set to go. All we need is our babies!!! Ha - the carseat installment experience was fantastic and I must reccommend it to anyone and everyone regardless of your plan to procreate. It's just a hilarious way to spend and hour and a half. Brent and I looked over at each other at least a hundred times with random straps in our hands and said,"where's this go?" (umm after about a half hour of that, we actually got out the instruction manual - you don't think we did that right off the bat do you?) I'm sure at one point we looked like 2 chimps banging on the seats and digging for the right hook to connect to the right strap. Anyhow, they are in now - and feel quite secure (again - even if I do say so myself!)

As I said, photos to follow.

Love, Heather


  1. he he!! am laughing, too!

    so glad for all of the amazing experiences you are having. its so wonderful getting to do that average mom stuff!! and even more precious because it took so freaking long to get there :)

    cant wait for you for you fill those carseats with little cuties!!!

    hugs and blessings!!!

  2. after 5 years of car seats I still can't fit one of them... good job everyone else can (but hey I can fold and buggy right, first time!) People who can fit car seats first time are just plain odd :)

    On a more serious note: Its lovely to hear how the babies are doing! and that BF'ing is happening! Go you!

  3. Just to let you know, the police dept or fire dept will install the carseats free of charge. They will make sure they are installed properly too. I thought I had mine installed correctly and just went up there to have them check, and it was not. They fixed it for me. Just a suggestion.

  4. Yay for David laughing!
    I can only imagine your happiness and pride! Your kids are GORGEOUS and doing so well for their adjusted ages!! I keep them in my prayers!

    I have to say that I am completely appalled at the way that neonatologist treated you!!!!! I am a mommy to a former preemie(25w4d), now a healthy and rambuncious 4 yr old! I am also a NICU RN, and if any of our Neos treated a family like that they would be brought to the medical board for review!
    I would suggest that you immediately request a copy of the medical records (that is your right), before this jerk has a chance to alter the notes! I don't trust him after reading his response! You should also contact the hospital greivance committee. There are patient care advocates as well that the hospital employs for cases just like this. Please speak to someone about all this and have your complaints documented! He was way out of line for everything he did and said and should not get away with that behavior!
    Who cares if the staff thinks you are a "pain in the butt" mama! I would much rather have parents that comes in regularly and actually cares about their child's progress than a crack addict mama that never calls or comes in to see her baby. I am so upset for you! Please do allow this to cloud your joy as David and Mary's mama! You are doing an amazing job and I commend you for loving and advocating for your children!
    Keep venting here. This is your blog, your right. But, please please do not let that arrogant A hole doctor get away with his actions!

    The funny part is.. he clearly knows he was in the wrong, or he would not have confronted you in the NICU as he did. Has he not heard about HIPPA laws??!! You don't breach patient confidentiality in a room full of other NICU parents. That is why we have private conference rooms!
    Tell him if he wants to speak to you, he should talk to your attorney from now on! What a jerk! He shouldn't be allowed to practice on a dog! I just hope his own famiy members never have to deal with a doctor like him! Pathetic!

  5. ***sorry, I meant DO NOT allow that negative experience to cloud your joy as David and Mary's mama!

  6. Soon you will be filling those carseats with precious and darling and CUTE babies! Can't wait to see those photos of the carseats with the babies in them. Do check the carseats out with the fire department as someone suggested. And, I agree wholeheartedly with the above post and please follow through with her suggestions!! BTW, I wouldn't let that doctor practice on any of my dogs!!

    Keep up the good work, guys, you're doing fabulous. Prayers are continuing!!

    Cathy D.