Monday, July 20, 2009

home stretch!

David and Mary Louise both had their eye exams today. Mary Louise looks great - she will be scheduled for weekly checkups until her eyes are considered mature (until the vascularization of the retina grows to Zone III of her eyes). There is no reason to think that any more surgery will be needed. More news on her in a moment...

David still had the questionable spot on his retina (the one that was there last week and needed watching). The spot had not changed so rather than taking the chance of having to come back here after being transferred back to Lake Charles, the doctor treated the area this afternoon. (It was done with conscious sedation in the NICU - he is awake and very angry as I am typing this and the touchup only took about 15 minutes). Anyhow, as far as his eyes go, he is in the same boat as Mary Louise -immature with weekly checkups.

Drum-roll puhlease!!!!....
MARY LOUISE IS GOING HOME!!!!!! not just any home, OUR HOME - as in the real house - not the hospital - umm - as in we'd better get that house clean because there will actually be a baby in it!! OH my goodness we are just so so excited and scared and happy and overwhelmed and excited (I know - I said that but it deserves to be said more than once I'd say). We just can't believe it! She is having a sleep study right now to determine anat home need for a monitor, oxygen or any other equipment. We will get the results of that and a hearing test at some point tomorrow. I am hoping that they discharge her at the same time that they transfer David or things will get rather exciting around here as I figure out how everything will work.

David will be sent back to the hospital in Lake Charles as soon as he is stable enough to go - most likely tomorrow but could be at the latest on Wednesday. He must gain a bit more weight before GOING HOME. (ha - I love saying that - I think Brent and I had just conceded to visiting a hospital daily for an indefinite amount of time -it has simply becaome our temporary way of life). What a happy adjustment we are about to make!

Oh I just can't believe it - first breastfeeding and now this?! What a time we've had!

Will keep you posted!

Love, Heather


  1. That is so fantastic. I am so happy for you guys.

  2. YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I have stopped doing the happy dance just long enough to let you know that we are so happy for you. Take that you brainless drs!!!!! They better hope that Mary Lousie or David dont end up taking care of them (dumb drs) when they are old!!!! I imagine that the two of you are some of the few parents who are looking forward to sleepless nights. Congrads!!! Robin

  3. this news has made my day!!

    super thrilled for you all!!!!

  4. Great news! I am so happy that Mary Louise is going home to your house. Of course, she'd go first and set up house, just like any good southern woman. Haha! All will be ready for when it is David's turn to come home, too. The power of prayer and determined parents. What a winning combination for those kids of yours. Congrats mom and dad!!

  5. I don't even know how I found your blog but I have been reading for several weeks now. I am so excited for you!! Both my kids were in the NICU and there is NOTHING better than leaving that place w/ your baby! It took me a few days to get used to the idea that I could go anywhere w/ my baby....they weren't attached to anything! take a lot of pictures of your discharge day...those are some of my favorites to go back and look at! Congratulations and have fun getting out of that place :o) :o) :o) :o)

  6. This is excellent news. I know you both must be really excited to start your "HOME" life with your children. I can picture the two you, so happy that you start crying the first time one of them wakes up in the middle of the night and starts crying just because. I am very happy for all 4 of you. All my love.....Will

  7. I am so very overjoyed for you! AHHHH! What a happy day! :)

  8. That is wonderful news!!! Welcome home Mary Louise!!!!

  9. Hallelujah!! Praise the LORD! It's been such a long time coming!! Lots of love to all of you!

  10. I am SOOOO excited for you - tears of joy are running down my face! All of the drama has paid off! Your baby is coming home (with the other one not too far from home)!!!

    Oh what beautiful chaos your life will be now!!!


  11. Auntie, had a thought...could we sneak some? fish sinkers in David's diaper so he'll weigh more? Pennies in the feet on his pjs? Just itching to have everyone home.

    Hugs to all

  12. So very exciting!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Cathy D.

  13. This is such great news. Hope you keep this blog & photos going once the babies are home. You are the heroes of the family. God bless all of you. (Debbie Riquier)