Thursday, July 9, 2009

As I sit

It is half past ten and we are eagerly awaiting Mary Louise to awake from her surgery. It has been six hours, and she is still out. Her eyes continue to swell as time goes on, and Heather has warned me that they will continue to swell through tomorrow. I am sitting on one side of her bed and Heather on the other with David sleeping soundly in front of us. He just couldn't let his sister have all the attention today so he ended up having a blocked bowel that caused a little blood in his stool. When we finally got back into the NICU at 8:30pm we found out that he had finally had another poop, and it was all clear of any blood. Thank God! We were praying that it wasn't another perforated bowel. He is now sleeping so soundly, and we believe that this was the cause of all his fussiness yesterday. What a day! Hopefully they can extubate Mary Louise tonight or in the early a.m. Lets keep or fingers crossed that she recovers quickly, and our little girl is back to her normal funny happy self, sticking her tongue out at everyone.

Thanks for all the prayers!

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  1. Breathing a sigh of relief that my neice and nephew are doing better. Can't wait to see them.