Friday, July 3, 2009

Mary Louise's eye exam / David's feedings

Mary Louise has stage II retinopathy of prematurity with plus disease. This means that her stage of ROP has stayed the same, but the abnormal growth of blood vessels is pulling on her retina putting it at risk for detachment. In short, they are trying to get her transferred to Tulane tomorrow (on a holiday which is why I said they were trying) or Sunday. Our regular doctor is upset as it was apparently his opinion that they should have been transferred together to begin with. Having been here with David and without half of my family these last few days, I can't say that I disagree with him if she was to end up here anyhow. Hind sight - 20/20. Whatever.

David was started on 5mls. of breast milk every 3 hours today. He seems a bit happier already although he continues his tantrums every couple of hours. He has started to open his eyes a bit. They are not that swollen anymore but are very red and watery and seem very sensative to light. I keep them covered as much as I can with his little hats. They don't put any shields over them as he can't have any pressure on them. So I put newborn sized hats on him to shade them as they are way too big. Anyhow, it works.

He started apneic episodes again post feedings and was restarted on caffeine which the NNP had apparently discontinued for surgery and not restarted yet. Hopefully that will do the trick and he will remember to breathe when he sleeps!

I'm totally exhausted, and my heart aches for Mary Louise. I realize that I'll have my family together again but I have to say that given the choice, I would have endured here with little David knowing that Mary Louise was in good hands in Lake Charles. No matter what I'd chose now anyhow. I must refocus on thinking happy healing thoughts for Mary Louise - and maintain what I've already been doing for David of course.


  1. Still praying hard for you, Brent, and the babies. I hope everything starts to settle down soon and that will be the last bit o' drama before you get to take them home. Love you,

  2. Many prayers always for your family. Stay strong!