Friday, July 24, 2009

What a big girl!

Mary Louise had her first pediatrician appointment today - and also (gulp) had her 2 month shots. I'm pretty sure she handled it MUCH better than I did. She's tired and cranky this afternoon, but has not run fever or had any obvious reactions to her immunizations (so so thankful for that). The doctor was very nice - he's the type of person who seems impossible to shock or surprise. When I asked why he thought she was so cranky all of the time he looked her over and said, "well, that red hair may have a little to do with it." I so appreciated that moment - the moment in which we have the esteemed luxury of joking about her feistyness rather than waiting for the devastating news as to why our little one cries so much. She checked out just fine and he felt that size wise she should catch up to her peers by the age of 2 - not that it matters, but it's nice to know anyhow. So, way to go little girl for making through a wellness and prevention check-up!!

I have figured out after 2 solid nights without sleep that a sling is a FABULOUS thing to have. Mary Louise is officially connected to my middle all day - and is sleeping MUCH better. Also, last night when I thought, "It is just physically impossible for her to stay awake one minute longer - she'll be back in the hospital!" (looking back on that, I believe I was having more of a self-reflective moment) I gave her some Mylicon. In fit of desperation followed by the guilt and disappointment that I could not fix whatever was ailing her, I did what the nurses at the hospital suggested and used the not so secret gas remedy. The result? 2 hours of unadulterated sleep!!! I couldn't believe it! Mary Louise started fussing and I felt like it had only been a few minutes - my heart sank. I didn't know what else to do for her, but when I looked at the clock, she was right on target - she was just hungry! Ha - then I felt totally ridiculous for not figuring out the problem sooner - congrats to us, we have a colicky baby. Really, it serves me right for falling prey to the advertisements for many of the baby items we have - "this prevents colick", "if you have this, you're sure to avoid colick", and on and on. If all of those things really prevented colick - I'd be quadruple safe-guarded against the beast. But alas - a not so simple 4 hour trip home from New Orleans upset her so much that her tummy will (I fear) never settle down again! (well, the trip along with the new environment I'm sure)

David the fearless is growing and growing - only 9 more ounces until he reaches the 4 and a half pound mark! Hopefully, at that time, they will consider his discharge. In the meantime he is breaking hearts in NICU's all over the state - some of the staff at the New Orleans hospital fell in love with our little guy and the staff here in Lake Charles was all too happy to see how he's grown - and all of his new facial expressions. (uhem - I can't say I blame them!)

Unfortunately, while I was changing his diaper last night I noticed some blood streaking in his stool - as it turns out, his fissure is back - or it never went away. A KUB turned out negative once more for intussuception, etc. Praying for the culprit's resolution ASAP.

Other than that, he seems happy and healthy.

some long over-due photos...
New Orleans transfers, eye surgeries and Mary Louise at home

enjoy! Love, Heather


  1. Heather, they are beautiful & congrats on bringing your sweet girl home! I would love to send you a couple of pacifier clips for those soothies. I make them & they are much less bulky. Think of it as a present from 1 set of triplets to another. My email is & I hope to hear from you soon. I would LOVE to get these out to you asap, one for each!

    Space City Triplets
    Mommy to Sofia, Gabriella, & Ian
    Born at 33w 6d

  2. What precious photos, your babies are just beautiful! Praying that you get a little more sleep and David's bloody stool clears up quickly.

  3. We had gas issues the whole time I was fortifying the breastmilk, so see if you can get away without it eventually. I think I stopped around the due date, with peds approval. There was also a lot of crying without necessarily waking all the way up too, just a cry and then settling back down. There was not much sleep, but it did get better. Maybe she just misses David. Congrats on having them home!

  4. I all to well understand the colicky baby. Our daughter was colicky for the first 8 week of her life. EEKS. I finally came across our "miracle cure." I am not one to give medicine to my daughter very often unless absolutely needed so this made me feel better. It is called "Gripe Water," it's basically water with fennel & ginger to help soothe baby's stomach. We bought the Baby Bliss brand at Walgreen. I swear it worked overnight. And its not a medicine, just a herbal remedy. So for what it's worth I wanted to pass that along to you. Glad to hear that things are going well for you all. Still continuing to pray for Mary Louise and David. Oh and of course their Mommy & Daddy! Keep up the good work!

    Mom to Chloe-15 mos.