Thursday, July 2, 2009

another late night

David was extubated at about 10pm last night. I went to see him again after shift change. He is in his own little room which is nice as it can be darkened (when we ask). He was much happier after we asked the nurse to dim the bright fluorescent lights overhead.

When we walked in, he was really just waking up from the anesthesia. I was happy that we were there and I was able to comfort him and talk to him best I could. He looked as if he'd been in a prize fight but the swelling is normal and we were warned that it may get worse before it gets better. Sweet David. He was still sucking while drowsy or sleeping - after all he'd been through, he was still hungry!

We left at 1am. His bowel sounds were good but he was having a bit of reflux of bile and they were holding his feeding until it stopped - there wasn't much really. I expect that they fed him not long after we left. He was doing well on high flow oxygen via nasal cannula and his blood gases were leveling out nicely and they were planning to wean as tolerated. I was told I should be able to hold him again today.

I've noticed that many times, we are the only visitors in there and am beginning to understand that they just aren't used to somewhat overly involved parents. We got there on the last day of the month and Dr.'s and residents are on monthly rotations. So, every one we met the first day disappeared and whole new group came in. I'm glad I know so much about David's history however, because I keep getting asked very specific questions such as what medications was he on - and comments like "I didn't know he had a history of benign seizures and abdominal surgery." I feel the entire patient wasn't really considered - he was transferred for his eyes, yes, but he needs intensive care otherwise. Maybe we'll find our little niche here soon. He will be rechecked on Tuesday but regardless of the result, he will stay here another week or so afterward for healing and a second recheck to ensure no further intervention is needed.


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  1. Hang in there, Heather. Things will get better. Just stay calm and advocate for your babies. This was a very difficult week for David to be transferred to Tulane because of the new residents starting and changing levels. All the more reason for you to be hypervigilant about his needs and his care. I'm sure he is important to the staff, but there's no one (except for his daddy, of course)who he means more to than you.