Thursday, July 30, 2009

the little opposites

So when I was pregnant, Mary Louise was always (and I mean ALWAYS) with Kuylen. From day one, they were so close that on many ultrasounds, it was hard to tell them apart. Then there was David. He would flit about in any open area as if he was daring the others to try to "swim" after him. He was just hilarious. While Mary Louise and Kuylen would huddle together to the point that they could scarcely move, David shifted back and forth in the rest of the vast space that was my uterus.

When Kuylen died, I worried so much about Mary Louise. I thought they (Mary Louise and David) would eventually both have some sort of innate void to deal with, but worried that Mary Louise would somehow take a nose dive health wise because her ever present partner was no longer physically next to her. She seems to have done well, but still loves loves loves to cling to us - and to David. She just must have her people.

David on the other hand is perfectly content for the most part in his cacoon or swaddled tightly in a soft blanket (something Mary Louise absolutely hates!). He sits and makes faces, uses crying as a last resort, knows exactly what he wants and once we figure it out, he's happy for at least a short while.

It's somehow hard for me to view them as twins. I suppose problem one is the fact that to me, they will always be triplets. Other than that, they are simply 2 totally separate children - they just share the same birthday.

We are doing quite well here I think - figuring things out as we go. My mom left yesterday after working so diligently to clean out my house. We just can't thank her enough for all of her hard hard work here. Brent went back to work today. His job is quite nice in that he is home early in the afternoons and can take off days here and there such as next week when we have tons of doctor appointments for both babies. The extra set of hands will be a HUGE help.

So, I think today is my first day by myself with the 2 babies. Enjoying it? oh yes. Exhausted? of course. But for such happy reasons.

The breastfeeding is continuing to go well. Mary Louise is wild about it and David is taking his time getting used to the idea. I am of course having to supplement with some of my vast supply of pumped milk - as long as they are getting it right? Hopefully, all that I've saved up will last until they are big and strong enough to strictly breastfeed. Anyhow, it seems to be progressing well.

Many thanks for the continued prayers as we all settle in!

Love, Heather


  1. Love to hear such great news! What a beautiful story you write...


  2. sounds like you guys are getting on like a great little family AT HOME. Woot Woot. Hope it all keeps going so "smoothly" and another Woot Woot for the bf!!!!!!