Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Who Knows

Yesterday, we had some great visits from my grandparents and parents, and Heather's brother Sean. My grandparents had the chance to see their great grand babies, and were in awe over the precious little babies. David didn't wake up, but layed their being his cute little self, and Mary Louise was wide eyed and a little fussy while she tried to get herself comfortable. She is becoming a wiggle worm. Our visit was cut short because they were getting an admit in, and they close the whole unit for that. We understood, and everyone got to spend a few minutes with the babies. It is a little harder here, because we can only have two people in the NICU at a time, and one has to be a parent at all times.
Mary Louise's surgery was postponed pending check ups, but the doctor did not show up yesterday evening to do the exam. So those of you that know me, know I am pissed, and those of you that do not know me, I am pissed. The fact that we had this need to fly Mary Louise to New Orleans on Saturday July 4th, only to get here and have the surgery postponed because he now says the disease is only borderline. The funny thing is that the Doctor was in Lake Charles all day yesterday doing eye exams on all the NICU babies, and Mary was originally scheduled to see him in Lake Charles yesterday until he deecided to transfer her to tulane. This is just a really frustrating time, and my patience is wearing thin.
The doctor is scheduled to re-examine David today, and make a decision whether he has to go back and touch up some spots on the eyes. Hopefully he shows up today and takes a look at Mary Louise while he is here. The other problem is that he comes during shift change and we do not have a whole lot of access to him. So tonight sometime between 6-9pm he should come in to do his exams.
last night Heather and I spent a few hours rocking babies, and it was very theraputic. Both Mary Louise and David look great and are doing well. They both continue without any oxygen or breathing support, and look happy. Mary Louise continues to make her funny faces, and David pops a smile occasionally, when he isn't sleeping or fussing. Both babies are amazing, an the Nurse Practioner just stooped me to tell me that both babies are beautiful and she is in love with David, and is it okay if she spoils him a little bit.
Will update on the eyes when we have more information.


  1. So sorry for your frustrations. Do you think it's possible that they went ahead and transferred Mary to Tulane early so that you could all be together? Ofcourse, they can't tell you that b/c of insurance etc. reasons.

  2. Sorry you are getting so frustrated, but you have every right to be. Thanks for keeping us updated. Glad things are going well for now.:)