Friday, July 17, 2009




  1. I haven't written in before, but Jen and I talk daily about your situation and you, Brent, and babies have been in our prayers. I feel compelled to write concerning this recent event.
    As a mother who had the unfortunate experience of having a daughter have surgery at your present location, I fully understand your frustration. I, too, had the rather delightful experience with a resident who had the "God-like" opinion of himself. How dare we, the parents, question such authority! It is really sad that someone of obvious intelligence can't see beyond their own self, enough to consider the patient and what their families have been through. This blog has helped us all keep a daily accounting of how you and yours are progressing and I am so very thankful that you are doing this. Not only does it keep all those who love you informed, but it also offers encouragment to anyone who may be having a similar experience. Above all, I believe it to be a way for you and Brent to release your feelings without judgement or ridicule.
    I know there are good people taking care of your babies and you and Brent are right to keep an ever watchful eye out. You are the parents of 2 beautiful gifts from God and you are doing exactly what any loving parents would do.
    Keep your spirits up and always know that we are among the hundreds who care and who are praying for God to heal your babies and to give you and Brent the strength to carry on.
    I once had a doctor tell me that when his granddaughter was born with a serious heart condition, he finally understood what it was like "on the other side of the fence". I pray that this person never has to learn what it is like to travel the road you and Brent have been on. I also hope that some retrospection will take place and perhaps this person will appreciate your position and show some compassion.
    You, Brent, and the babies are in our daily thoughts and prayers.
    The Haydels

  2. Thank you for the beautiful photo! It makes it a lovely morning. Sending you love as always, Susan

  3. Since when did parents loose the right to speak for their minor children? Has the neonatoligists read a copy of Tulane-Lakeside hospital's own "Pediatric Patient Bill of Rights"? They are posted on the wall of the waiting room to the NICU along with the basic "Patients Bill of Rights" and copies of both are available upon request. I suggest he optain copies.

  4. I cannot believe how big they are getting! Could they possibly be any cuter????

  5. So, so cute! I love to see them lying together! Best buds already....