Tuesday, July 28, 2009

not so routine

Mary Louise had her "Kid's Team" introductory appointment yesterday as well as her follow-up cardiologist appointment.

The cardiologist appointment went well, the doctor was very very nice and explained everything patiently and thoroughly. Mary Louise had an EKG and an ECHO to see how her heart is developing. She has no PDA but still has a patent foramen ovale. This was expected to some extent but hers seems to be slightly more open than normal for her age and is causing some mild side effects (she pants a bit when she eats or does activity). The right side of her heart is slightly thickened (its measurements were the same as about a 16 pound baby's should be). If this were to continue, it would have much more extreme effects on her and would require surgical intervention. However, she was put on a low dose of Lasix (a diuretic) to help her lungs process the excess fluid shunted their way until her little body and heart can catch up and grow and the foramen ovale (hopefully) will close on it's own over time.

The Kid's Team is a group of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and I'm sure therapists that I don't yet know about - in short, developmental gurus all headed by the babies' neonatologist. They keep tabs on our little ones to ensure appropriate motor and cognitive milestones are reached. Now, as my due date is not until August 5th, Mary Louise and David should be acting like a umm 38 week newborn would be acting. Mary Louise, who slept through exactly one half of her evaluation was "graded" as acting like a 2 week old. Ha - the occupational therapist was worried that I'd be upset by such results - even though I assured her that I still got excited about things like regular poop, the sounds of their cries - and still as far as I'm concerned she's still a month ahead of schedule right?

So, the experience was interesting. I can now change diapers in just about any situation and successfully breast feed in crowded places - all without people even noticing that I have a very special tiny bundle of baby in that sling across my torso. (ha - don't panic - I fed her in the car in a couple of parking lots - but people actaully do miss the fact that she's in the sling most of the time).

David starts his appointments next week - many of them will be along side Mary Louise so more adventures on the way for the babies in bubbles! Amazing, I'm supposed to keep them away from anyone and everyone all the while taking them to about 3 to 4 appointments per week!

David is doing well for his first night and day at home. He seems a bit wiped out this evening so he is resting on my chest while I'm blogging. Mary Louise seems to have calmed down a bit today - we took her off of the human milk forifier as we didn't really have to continue it in the first place and she seems to be gaining weight well - she was 5 pounds yesterday at the cardiologist though that weight is debateable to me as they kept her diaper on. At any rate, we are having a great time getitng to know our little ones a bit better.



  1. So sounds like you guys are doing exceptionally well at home! Good for you! Again, I'm so happy to hear they are home and you can start a "normal" lifestyle with your babies! Although trying at times, I know you are SO relieved to be home!!!


  2. I hope the PFO closes. I am 26 and was diagnosed with one at 22 and I have so many medical problems from it including the swelling of my heart. I am prayign daily for your family. They are such cute babies!! Yea for being home

  3. Congrats on having your 2 little ones home! This is such a HUGE blessing from the Lord! Best wishes as you really start your journey of motherhood!