Tuesday, June 30, 2009

definitely losing it

So the golf tournament went beautifully from what I hear. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend as David has been rushed to Tulane Hospital today via helicopter. Another fiasco has begun. His eyes worsened and he is scheduled for surgery Thursday morning. (They were rechecked once here and the doctor decided he would do the surgery on Thursday assuring me it was major surgery and he needed "his regular team" to feel most confident.) So, we went to see the babies this morning and signed consents for the transfer. I had a small fit of hysterical "why us?! why our babies?! enough already!!" and off my mom and I went to New Orleans to watch over our tiny David. He tolerated the trip well overall but has regressed quickly back to 2 liters of oxygen at 35%. Maybe in part to his eye dilation (AGAIN). I've spent most of the night there (it's now 1am) and finally dragged myself away for a couple of hours of sleep. I'll go back shortly. (In case you're wondering, I miss Women's and Children's already and will leave things at that for now - then again, I will say that unfortunately, most of the rumors I've heard have turned out to be spot on - with few exceptions and it's only the first day).

Brent is still in Lake Charles looking after Mary Louise who is doing well - nippling all feedings now. She has another eye exam in the morning to look for any signs of progression. As of Monday, her eyes were holding on to stage II status.

For the surgery, David will be intubated and under general anesthesia. So far, I have requested to see the person in charge of administering said anesthesia 4 times and have yet to hear from anyone in the department. The NICU is supposed to nail down the time of surgery and give me a time to meet with the doctors just prior to the start. Wow - what a leap of faith they're demanding from us - especially with a less than spectacular first impression.

So, as a split team - working together from hours apart, Brent and I embark on this newest adventure with our little ones - and here I sit in a rather seedy hotel room holding on to all the courage I can muster at this point.

HUGE thanks to all those who participated in the tournament today!!! I'm so so sorry to have missed it and am truly humbled by such incredible generosity.



  1. i live in new orleans, please let me know if there's anything i can do for you. i'm sorry you're going through all this with your sweet babies.

  2. Heather, You have a whole team of prayer warriors behind you today!