Saturday, June 27, 2009

got milk?

Mary Louise finished all 36 mls. of her bottle tonight! Brent did a fabulous job getting her to take her entire feeding and she looked so happy to be with her dad! Such an exciting milestone for her!

The doctor wanted to try nippling David although he is still on oxygen. David did very well with sucking and swallowing but couldn't figure out the breathing part. So each time he would try to eat, his heart rate and oxygen saturation would drop. He did take 3 mls in though and we are so proud of his efforts. One thing at a time peanut - let's get you off that oxygen first then we'll see about the feeding.

good night all,
Love, Heather

P.S. I'm just so excited about Mary Louise's feeding! I had to post the photos we took of today. Both babies were so sweet - it really was a wonderful visit. (and oh so hard to leave)

June 27th 2009

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  1. what wonderful and exciting milestones!!!! love the photos!! way to go leblanc family :)

    hugs and blessings
    heather harper