Friday, June 26, 2009

overdue post

I'm sorry, I went to post last night and our internet wasn't working. The babies' eyes were the same as they were on Monday. They will have another eye exam this coming Monday. David is not tolerating the eye exams well. The medication they use causes him to breathe too fast and causes his heart rate to drop. It takes him a day to process everything. They both end up totally exhausted.

David is still on the nasal cannula and they have been unable to wean him with the side effects of the eye exams. He still has some desaturation after feedings as well. Hopefully, that will resolve soon. Other than that, he is gaining weight for the most part - a slight loss yesterday but overall, he's gaining. He is now at 28 mls for feedings - almost a full feeding for a newborn (which is 30). He is doing well with his pacifier but they will not try nippling him until he is off of oxygen supplementation.

Mary Louise is doing really well. She is up to 33 mls for her feedings and started nippling last night. Brent and I have scheduled to go and feed her at 5 pm today. We are so so excited about that. Right now, it is only once a day that she gets bottle fed so we'll see how she progresses. She only has about 12 more ounces to gain before they consider sending her home!! This is of course contingent on their eye exams - if they need surgery, everything gets pushed back.

I have been setting up things at the house - finally able to get excited about things like folding onsies! Still have a long way to go, but progress is happening.

In other news, my mom was taking care of my 16 year old terrier mix. I got her when I was just 13! She got out yesterday afternoon and has not returned - although many of the neighbors saw her running around. Please, if anyone in Houma sees her - she is about 20 pounds, small/ medium Terrier mix, curly tail - light brown fur. Please contact me or my mom. She still gets around really well (obviously, if she has enough spunk to run away) but gets stiff after sleeping due to an old back injury. Her name is Tootle.

Many thanks,
XO, Heather


  1. we are hoping that the babies get A+ on their eye exams!!
    ...and that you find tootle : )

  2. Oh, Tootle, come home soon so Momma doesn't have to worry about you anymore - she kinda has a lot on her plate right now!

    Glad to hear that the babies are doing well - anxiously awaiting the next eye exam.

    Fun to read that you are officially "nesting." Is the nursery coming together (although I know you plan on them sleeping close to you for quite a while, no doubt...)?

  3. Tootle you silly dog! She is such a mess.I am sure she will find her way home safe and sound.

    Good news about the weight gain for both and Mary Louise bottle feeding.Did I hear might come home again! Wow! It is within reach.

    I just pray for their little eyes to mature and not need surgery what a blessing that will be.

  4. Heather,
    I'm so glad to see that all is going well with the babies! God Bless them and you!

    My son, Chase, had to have the surgery, twice. He went from no disease to Stage 3 with plus disease in a week. I'm not telling you that to scare you, but to prepare you.

    If they have to have the surgery, please E-mail me to get in touch with me before you have to go. There are a few things I'd like to share with you. Is is still Tulane Lakeside? If so, I have made friends with the nurses there, but also have some insight into their practices in the NICU. Trust me, they are not what you are used to at Women and Children's. If they have to go, TRY YOUR BEST TO STAY THE ENTIRE TIME! Believe me, no baby needs to be unaccompanied! I'm not bashing them, just telling you straight!
    My E-mail is