Saturday, June 27, 2009


We fed Mary Louise last night and bathed both babies. (The long awaited mundane parenting duties put such smiles on our faces!)They did so well. Mary Louise nippled a little over half her feeding!! Fantastic for only her second time. She did so well that the doctor increased the frequency of nippling to twice daily rather than once!

They were able to wean David's oxygen a bit as well. He did beautifully with it while we were there. He is now on 1 liter and varies between 21 and 30%. OH and that little booger is developing quite the habit of pooping on either me or his blankets during bath time! Last night I took his diaper off, he pooped. I cleaned him and put another on, and he pooped again just after that change. Obviously, he wasn't done in the first place but it was in such great amounts that I thought otherwise - I'll learn. I'm just glad everything in there seems to be working well. He barely even has a scare from that abdominal surgery!

The nurse last night watched us holding our precious little bundles and said, "it's crazy that they'll never know how much all of you went through - I mean you can show them photos and tell them, but no one really knows unless they are here." I said that I hope they never ever know what they went through - that they never really know how much we've all been through. It'd mean they could just be children. No expectations, just children. Yes they were born at 24 weeks, but all I've ever wanted was for them to have every opportunity to be regular children - not to identify with their difficult start. If anything, it allows us as parents to have some small insight into their character and determination. I'd say we're really going to have our hands full!

Both of our little ones gained a small amount of weight though their overall pounds and ounces didn't really change - David is just under 3 pounds 3 ounces and Mary Louise is 3 pounds 10 ounces. They seem to change everyday - and grow bigger and stronger all the time. The other night we watched as Mary Louise got frustrated with her position and picked her head up just enough to turn it all the way to the other side! Amazing!

Their next eye exam is on Monday. (ugh!)

Continuing to cherish our many blessings...
Love, Heather

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