Friday, June 26, 2009

Tootle update

Just as I was starting to feel as if my life had turned into a really terrible country song..."I lost my dog and my grandma and sweet Kuylen's watchin' overhead..."and on and on - Tootle reappeared at a dress shop a mile or 2 from the house in Houma. Ha - I swear, I couldn't make this stuff up. The dress shop girls called the pound and the pound contacted my Mom who just picked up an exhausted and filthy but generally ok Tootle. The rescue didn't happen of course before my poor Mom put an add in the paper complete with the escapee's photo on it that will run for the next week. I know Mom didn't want to make that call to tell me she was missing in the first place and was frantic in trying to find her.

A sidenote: all of this makes total sense to those of you who know how weirdly obsessed I am with my pets. To those of you who don't, it's ok, you can laugh- out loud- at me. I really don't mind - at least I can cause a smile or 2 that way.

So Tootle will be delivered back home when Memom (the newest in a list of grandma names for my Mom - of course we all know that what will stick will be whatever comes out of our little ones' mouths)comes for a visit next week.

That reminds me - the golf tournament benefiting the babies is on Tuesday and there are still spots available for teams. It will be a fun day if you'd like to join. Please email me at for more information and I'll send you the flier.

We go in an hour to feed Mary Louise!!! Will give you an extended version play by play when we return!!


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