Sunday, June 28, 2009

more progress!

Mary Louise is such a champ! She is now scheduled to nipple for every other feeding. Brent and I went this evening and gave her a bath and bottle fed her! She did beautifully! Both of our little ones gained more weight and we are just thrilled with their progress. David is slowly being weaned off of his oxygen and was down to 1 liter at 21%.

Their eye exams are scheduled once more for in the morning. We have not heard good things about Tulane (the hospital they would go to if surgery is needed) so we are really really hoping that a transfer is not necessary. We've already inquired about transfer to a different hospital and have been informed that the doctor who will do said surgery has privileges only with Tulane so we're pretty stuck. (the doctor is the only one in Louisiana that does the eye surgery on babies this small).

Please please please let their eyes be ok.

Brent and I went to the LeBlanc family reunion today and really had a wonderful time. Lucky for us, there was a celebration just an hour away and we were able to attend. We continue to be truly amazed with the immense support and incredible prayers and happy wishes we receive from everyone. It may take a village, but we feel we have a whole country behind us!

Much love and many (humble) thanks (again).

June 28th 2009


  1. love the photo of dad with his babies! thats a happy man! way to go mary louise! way to go david! as always, i am amazed!

    hugs and yipees!!!
    heather harper

  2. Good to hear the positive news again. I hope their little eyes continue to do well and don't need surgery either, but if they do we know God will be with all of you through it.
    Side note.. It was a while back, but Amy and I grew up in Tualne hospital seeing specialists, having tests and surgeries done and never had a problem. I hope what you are hearing turns out to be false if Mary Louise and/or David need surgery.
    Yay for Progress!!

  3. gorgeous photos! what wonderful progress they are both making. emi (my 3 year old) shrieked in delight when she saw the photos - "baby!!!!"