Thursday, December 10, 2009

wait, what just happened?!!

My goodness. It's 3:20pm now and one or the other baby has been up since 3:30am. They had slept on 3 hour blocks for a few night but before we got too spoiled...Craziness! David has been quite the little clinger today but did manage to calm down just enough to allow himself an afternoon nap. He has also been quite the eater...he's nursed, taken his bottle and eaten from a spoon a few times. He LOVES to play "airplane" with his cereal and opens his mouth (aka hanger) every time now.

Mary Louise is still a bit finicky about cereal and honestly, today, wants nothing but a bottle ("filled to the top please mom!").

Their appetites are amazing - and seem to be growing by the day - or the hour! I am thankful for such good eaters - I've heard some horror stories from other preemie parents - and I've also heard that "to catch up" preemies have to grow quite a bit faster than term babies during their first 2 years...I can confirm the latter thank you!

We're having lots of fun here with play time. The babies get really into things now. They are grabbing, watching, tracking, squeezing, pulling, pushing - and learn a bit more everyday. They love the soft lights and sounds. They are absolutely fascinated by the Christmas tree. (which by the way, took us exactly 3 days to complete but was well worth the trouble to see their little faces go into that amazed stare when we turned the lights on in the dim light of evening).

We have our at home physical therapy tomorrow so I'm kind of excited to see what they're going to do - and what our next goals are as far as their medical care goes.

Just a quick update - Daddy's home!!! must run!



  1. What a lovely vision of you all in your sweet home for Christmas complete with festive tree and little blessings amazed by the lights! How wonderful about their ravenous appetites and speedy development. How fun--sweet little family of poodgins. xxxooo

  2. Love to read good updates like this (although hate to hear you didn't get any sleep!) I was thinking about you the other day...I know you have avoided a lot of public places and situations that could expose the babies to infection, so I wondered if you have faced the circumcision decision yet. I have two intact sons, was on the NOCIRC board for a while, and I've researched the topic for many many years. If you have any questions at all, I'm here!