Monday, December 14, 2009

Open the hanger!

Mary Louise has decided to begin eating! She giggled when I brought out the cereal this morning and opened her mouth big and wide just like David does! Although she's quite sloppy - drooling and sticking her tongue out - she seemed to enjoy the whole thing. I love that things have progressed slowly with their snacking excitement. It's given me the time I needed to process the new as well - not such a traumatic experience for any of us - always good.

They ate all that I'd made - estimated at a heaping teaspoon each - then I followed up with their bottles / nursing. I try to stop the spoon feeding early every time - keeps them smiling when they see it reappear later.

They've otherwise been quite a fussy pair today - always the weathermen - they are wild before a storm!

The weekend was nice. I went to lunch with a good friend on Saturday. It ended up being the longest I've left the little ones since they've been home. Brent did a FABULOUS job! I compare leaving without them to leaving the house without my left arm (I'm right handed). So I can function without it, but it's really hard - and I am so keenly aware that something very important is missing. Kudos to Brent for holding down the house while I got some much needed "me" time though.

That's the exciting news to date - there are some videos mixed in with this album as I have been unable to upload to You Tube lately...the quality isn't as good with just Picassa, but you can still get the idea.

christmas tree 09



  1. I love the picture on the top of your blog now. When it came up, it made me giggle. They are so precious and I am so happy that you all are doing so well.