Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Merry Little Christmas

So we expected 6, cooked for 12 and only had 3...Brent's family didn't make it to us this Christmas as Ma Mere was concerned that she may be coming down with something. Though we were disappointed that they couldn't make it, we set out to enjoy the day at any rate.

Damon (my older brother) was here for a few days. We cooked, visited, played with babies, walked, chatted, and really had ourselves a Merry Little Christmas (as trite as that sounds). Brent and I had done pretty much all of the cooking during the 2 days before so on Christmas day, we popped the turkey in and were done! The rest of the day, we lounged, opened the wonderful gifts we had here and just enjoyed our little family.

Mary Louise and David did not take a decent nap for almost 3 days however with all the excitement of presents and people so yesterday, when all was quiet, they both fell fast asleep for some of the longest naps they've taken since they've been home! (I took advantage and Brent graciously conceded to let me sneak off and take a much needed nap myself at that time!)

David gave us the gift of eating on his own - holding the spoon and proudly slopping cereal on his nose, eye and finally in his mouth. He is such a hard worker! Mary Louise is getting interested once again in rolling over. She did it front to back again yesterday and of course looked at me as if it was nothing special afterward.

David eating...

We had a really nice surprise visit from Brent's very good friend Shane and his parents on the 26th. As Shane lives out of town now, we see him on rare occasions but are always so glad when he drops in!

We look forward to the rest of my brothers making it here in the next week or so. Collin is in from his island medical school and as we don't travel well, has agreed to make the trip here to see us instead! It will be so nice and such a rare treat to see him.

Hope everyone had wonderful holidays, a very Merry Christmas and is planning a Happy New Year!

Oh and I almost forgot - the excitement of the day was the oven catching on fire! Ha - I put the sweet potatoes in to warm but the turkey had apparently dripped a bit earlier in the day. Just after I put the potatoes in, the bottom of the oven caught fire. Possibly the best part was my ridiculous reaction...I stared at it for a second (delayed), closed the oven door (denial), waved my hands overhead (completely non-productive), and pointed at the closed oven while yelling, "there's a fire in there - come quick - I don't know what to do!" (ha- alarmist). So, obviously, I will not be a fire fighter any time soon. Way to save the day Heather. Thankfully, Damon walked up, blew on it - and it went right out - nothing hurt.

Christmas 2009


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  1. Hey Heather! We love the video. When my two started to feed themselves, I used the dimaste spoons as they had a shorter handle so they were able to move it better. Thanks for the videos. I am thinking that they will be my saving grace some days in the future. Happy New Year